Boy Tortured to death…Social Workers Falsify Reports



Trial begins in 8-year-old torture, beating death

By: FOX 11 Digital Team
POSTED: OCT 16 2017 06:42AM PDT
UPDATED: OCT 17 2017 08:55AM PDT
LOS ANGELES, Calif. (FOX 11 / CNS) – An attorney acknowledged on Monday that a Palmdale man committed “unspeakable acts of abuse” against his girlfriend’s 8-year-son before “exploding into a rage of anger” that the defense maintains resulted
in the boy’s unintentional death, but a prosecutor said the youngster was systematically tortured because the defendant believed the child was gay.

Isauro Aguirre, 37, is charged with capital murder in the May 22, 2013, beating death of Gabriel Fernandez, as is the boy’s 34-year-old mother….




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Toddlers Care Siezed Over Legal CBD Oil

 By Seraphim:

Evensville, Indiana:  (From Medical Kidnap) An Evansville, Indiana couple has had the medical care of their toddler taken over by Riley Children’s Hospital in Indianapolis, and Indiana Child Protective Services (CPS).

Jade and Lehla Jerger, parents of Jaelah Jerger, sought answers for more than 8 months for their daughter’s “uncontrollable jerk of her body.”

When a neurologist at Riley Children’s Hospital diagnosed her with epilepsy, they began to research the best treatments for their daughter.

A Chiropractic Neurologist began treating Jaelah with CBD oil (also known as “Charlotte’s Web Hemp Oil”), and reportedly at the lowest dosage they saw a reduction in seizures from 50+ a day to 2-4 a day.

CBD oil is derived from industrial hemp, and is not psycho-active due to almost no THC (the chemical that makes one “high”). It was made famous through national TV exposure from Dr. Gupta Sanjay’s CNN documentary “Weed,” featuring a young girl’s struggle with a life threatening type of chronic epilepsy called Dravet’s syndrome. Her name was Charlotte Figi and she was experiencing hundreds of seizures weekly.

FULL ARTICLE HERE (click link)

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Kansas DCF and Courts Trying to Unconstitutionally Seize Firearms From Law Abiding Parents




Contact Seraphim:


Butler County ,Kansas: In an unprecedented and unconstitutional demand, Kansas DCF in collusion with private contractor St Francis and Butler County Courts have ordered parents Jamie and Floyd Williams to surrender their lawful owned firearms.

For case history about why Jamie and Floyd had their children removed please see the links below:





Free our children was contacted by a source close to the case who informed us that the 9am court hearing was rescheduled for 11am. When parties came back for court they were all forced to leave behind cellphones in an obvious attempt to cover up what the Court was getting ready to try.  While advocates and court supporters waited outside the Courtroom they were then subjected to another illegal and unconstitutional search with a wand outside the Courtroom. One activist, who wished to remain anonymous, observed;

   “After we were searched at the door the Police came over and asked that if anyone was going into the courtroom they get searched again…we asked if this was only being done for the Williams case and the officer replied “Yes”…”

A CASA worker claimed Jamie William’s had made a comment, that was reported to them about shooting social workers. The Williams never have been violent in their peaceful protesting even after being threatened with jail if they continued to speak publicly about the injustices occurring in their case. No evidence was produced. The Williams were never even charged with a crime, nor are they being charged for the alleged “Threat”.

As reported in a previous article, with 96% of Kansas abuse allegations resulting in an unsubstantiated finding of abuse, to allow a court to seize guns based on a social workers accusation is an alarming precedent. These severe civil liberties issues are not uncommon in the Kansas Courts and Agencies under Sam Brownback’s administration. While claiming to support the Second Amendment, the Brownback, Koch brother funded republicans are saying nothing while a State agency is using the exploitation of children to force parents to surrender their firearms.

Please Share this Youtube video as allowing this dangerous precedent puts all of our gun rights at risk.

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Stand With The Schwab’s

Loveland, Colorado: We are honored to have been asked to speak at the upcoming Million Parent March and are raising funds to make this trip happen. Former Gubernatorial Candidate for Kansas Governor, Jennifer Winn has agreed to sponsor part of the Schwab’s trip, and we are asking for others to come alongside.

Being we are so close to getting our children home we need to make sure this trip is fully funded as Guardian Ad Litem, Lora Ingles, and St Francis are trying to claim we cannot financially afford to take care of our kids. This trip will take two weekend’s of work away from our income, as well as incur other costs. Unfortunately, if we cannot fund this trip fully, we will not be able to go.

We will be collecting donations through our PayPal at the link below. The email address to use is If we do not raise enough to go (Round trip for Ty, Amelia, and myself) then all donations will be refunded.

Please prayerfully consider standing with us. Tyler and myself will be live streaming events, interviewing activist from around the nation, and planning a bullhorn trip to the FBI and White House. Please stand with us.

Scroll to bottom after you Click on the link to support the Schwab’s trip to the #millionparentmarch2017


Here is a video of the speech given at the last D.C. event.

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Oklahoma Social Worker Shows Up Drunk To Steal Children…Gets Arrested

By: Seraphim


Norman, Oklahoma.

Oklahoma DHS Caseworker Jennifer Mangham was recently arrested after showing up at a parents house drunk. According to officers on the scene, Police noticed that Mangham appeared intoxicated and apparently was going to leave with the children. Instead, she left in handcuffs.

Local news reported,

Officers arrived first, and shortly after, DHS child welfare specialist Jennifer Mangham joined them.

“Mangham arrived on scene and immediately began exhibiting the signs of being intoxicated,” said Norman Police Public Safety Information Officer Sarah Jensen.

NewsChannel 4 obtained body cam video of the incident in which officers confront Mangham about her intoxication.

“She’s thinking you’re going to leave with the children when you’ve been drinking. And you drove here. I can smell it when you’re around me,” the officer told Mangham.

“During those interactions, they began to notice the signs of an odor of alcohol,” Jensen said. “The lack of coordination.”

Officers immediately began investigating and conducted an field sobriety test, one they said Mangham failed.

“You can’t be drinking if you’re on call to come out for these things as a public servant,” the officer said to Mangham. “It’s not professional.”

According to court documents, Mangham’s breathalyzer test came in well over the legal limit.”



This is child protection in Oklahoma.


Full Story Here

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Father of murdered baby arrested in front of surviving daughter.

By: Seraphim

Contact Seraphim:

August 7, 2017



While the entire world held its breath and awaited legal decisions concerning the life of British Baby Charlie Gard; Vanderbilt Hospital in Nashville Tennessee ended the life of an American baby without any protest from the majority of the American people. Baby Stephen, who was born with a heart defect, was medically kidnaped by the Department of Children and Family Services according to his family where he subsequently died after his health deteriorated.  Unlike Charlie Gard, Baby Stephen and his parents suffering in obscurity while government workers did all they could to harass and defame the parents ultimately ending Baby Stephen’s life while beginning a coordinated campaign to silence the parents.

Story on Baby Steffens Death

Now, Free Our Children has learned Steffen Rivenburg Senior was once again arrested in what appears to be an attempt to silence and intimidate the family, after DCF kidnapped the surviving sibling of Baby Steffen.

From Medical Kidnap:

Steffen Rivenburg, Sr., looked forward to his visit with his daughter Annalise. It was the first visit since Baby Steffen’s funeral more than 3 weeks ago. This would truly be a special visit – at Chuck E. Cheese, where Annalise should have been able to enjoy time playing with her Daddy. Instead, she watched him be escorted out of the restaurant by police. Her grandmother, Lisa Rivenburg, said that she felt like it was a set-up. There was no way that her son was going to miss his scheduled visit with Annalise. “I cannot believe that they used my granddaughter as BAIT to get him here to arrest him!”

Full Story Here



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Schwab Case Worker Exposed for Perjury In CASA Recording Taken Off Case Given Private Security

By Winston  Smith

June 17, 2017

      St Francis (A Private Kansas Foster Care Agency) Supervisor Laura Price who has been accused by the Schwab’s and CASA worker, in leaked audio, of committing perjury in the Schwab case.


Emporia Kansas: According to DCF source’s close to the Schwab case St Francis Supervisor Laura Price, who was accused of perjury and sabotaging the Schwab case in a leaked recording of a phone call between CASA worker Cathie Baer and the Schwab’s , has been removed from case management on the case and now has her own 24/7 contingent of security paid for by Kansas taxpayers.

In an apparent desperate attempt to paint the Schwab’s as dangerous criminals, rather than investigate Ms. Price’s malfeasence and criminal perjury St Francis placed a critical incident report into the court file claiming due to a FB post Ms. Price received threats and now the State of Kansas is required to use its already depleted budget to provide Ms. price with her own private protection detail. It is not known at this time who the threats were from, what the threats concerned, or what law enforcement agencies are involved.

The Schwab’s stated they were unaware of this development. Mr Schwab responded to the news of Ms Price’s removal with surprise,

“We know its DCF and St Francis Policy to notify parents of any case management changes, and we have not been notified of this change. As far as we knew Laura Price was still the lead case worker. If I was to speculate I would say that since the Assistant District Attorney, Bethany Fields, recently filed a motion seeking to have the court order the Schwab’s to “Follow Court Rules” and mentioned mean things people were saying about Laura on FB that they conspired to uses this manufactured crisis to try and gag order us. It just demonstrates what lengths St Francis and Kansas DCF will go through to hide their trafficking of children, deprivation of due process, used of manufactured evidence and bullying of parent’s. Its just a weak attempt to make us look dangerous to justify their behavior. Instead of investigating this woman, they are painting her to be a victim. What a shame”.

The Schwab’s have a Permanency hearing June 20th where the ADA has requested private security for all the social workers and court officials due to a scheduled protest.

  The Motion filed by Riley County ADA 

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Christian and Danielle Holm Reach Charlotte NC During Protest Walk to D.C.



      Charlotte, NC: Christian and Danielle Holm reached Charlotte, NC on their walk to Washington D.C., protesting State Sponsored Child Trafficking and the Kidnapping of  their child..Baby Holm. Stolen from his mothers nursing breast in an Alabama hospital, the Holm’s recently shared with Free our Children that though they never had a chance to name their baby, Alabama Authorities named the baby themselves and assigned him a SSN so they could pursue the parent’s for child support. The Holm’s refuse to acknowledge the States Unconstitutional actions and continue to call their baby “Baby Holm”.

The Holm Story can be found HERE

#freebabyholm is a FB page which has stunning evidence of Alabama DCF and family court criminality.

Christian and Danielle messaged Free Our Children with the following message;

“So far, with our testimony and witness everyone is understanding and amazed. We told them we were missionaries living the way of the Bible and our baby was kidnapped. The world today is not the same as it was when the word’s (Of the Bible Ed.) were written. We have created technology with speed, but we have also created separation from each other. A possession filled environment forms addiction and must be sustained by debt. No one wants to help each other because they must give up so much of their own time to make money. In God’s environment of nature everything is given to us for free. Yes, we must shepherd and garden, but we can share for there are no possessions. Stand next to a tree and it is ours together given by God. Stand next to your car and it is your possession alone, with separation. This is what must be learned so that we all may unite back together again on common ground of the Creator’s nature. We are in Charolette today…much love brother”

And Amelia and I say much love to you as well as we share in the fellowship of suffering!

The Holm’s also felt moved by the statues in Charolette’s Independence Square. The Statue named “The Future” shows a mother swinging a child while standing on a hornets nest. The Holm’s felt the symbolism and God’s leading sharing with Free Our Children “When you look at the woman holding the baby, you will notice a hornets nest under her. This is very interesting because we always say that we stepped into a hornets nest in Heflin, Alabama”

The Holms are walking to Washington DC  so they may stand together with Raymond and Amelia Schwab as they begin a hunger strike in Washington D.C. to Petition President Trump for a federal investigation into their children’s fraudulent removal.

The event “No Longer Ignored” will begin June 27th 2017 in Lafayette Park, in front of The White House. The hunger strike will continue until President Trump agrees to look at evidence concerning State Sponsored Child Trafficking across the US.


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Kansas DCF Lies Through Teeth to KAKE News Concerning Transparency

   Wichita, KS: Kansas DCF is in the news again due to Legislators pushing for more oversight thank’s to activist exposing DCF’s negligence, violations of parents due process rights, child deaths, and contractor misconduct.

Family Activist and Former Gubernatorial Candidate Jennifer Winn

In response to an inquiry from KAKE news, Kansas DCF lied through its’s teeth as it falsely stated,

   “DCF Submitted neutral testimony pertaining to the proposed legislation. The Agency is dedicated to improving the safety and well-being of Kansas children. We are happy to collaborate with Lawmaker’s, community groups, and the general public to protect children from abuse and neglect”

KAKE News report:

What planet is this spokesperson living on? Anyone who has followed the egregious injustices suffered by my wife and I know exactly how unwilling Kansas DCF is being accountable to anyone. Free Our Children has been involved in cases, in Kansas, where children have been molested, force medicated, taken over false accusations and without warrants, and even left in abusive homes where they were eventually killed.

How receptive were Kansas official’s to my 21 day hunger strike? They lied in the press, had us arrested on trumped up charges, and have continued a pattern of civil rights violations, threats, and colluding with other agencies and officials to manipulate the legal system.

Hunger Strike (Click Here)

How receptive were Kansas Official’s to Former Gubernatorial Candidate, Jennifer Winn’s, petition drive to indite Governor Sam Brownback, Judge John F Bosch, DCF Director Phyllis Gilmore, with other judges, social workers, and magistrates?

Secretary of State Kris Kobach attempted to abuse his power by ordering the Wichita PD, and other law enforcement, to harass, move and seize the signs of petitioners. After Activist Jennifer Winn had a brisk talk with law Enforcement and they demanded Kobach put his order in writing the tyrant relented of his assault on these peaceful petitioners. Other locations reported groups of young ladies, claiming to be from St Francis Community Services, who tried to persuade the petitioners to quit getting signatures claiming Winn and the Schwab’s were horrible people. When the coercion did not work the workers went into polling stations and claimed the petitioners were harassing them.


How receptive were Kansas Officials to Jaimie and Floyd William’s, Teen Mother Daria Vredenburg and many other families who began to speak publicly about the civil rights  violations and due process being systematically abused by courts and agency officials .They gaged them and threatened them with jail if they spoke out again.

Jamie And Floyd Williams With Gags On Protesting Kansas DCF

(From: The Daily Haze)

How receptive has Kansas officials been to the scathing audit initiated by Former Senator Michael O Donell II? They blew off the results in the press, (even after a child under their watchful eye was murdered and fed to pigs) and claimed they were the safest in the nation.

Former Senator Michael O’Donnell

Foster Care Audit Shows Kids Not Protected:

Phyllis Gilmore Defends DCF’s Poor Record:

At a recent protest in front of the Wichita, Ks DCF office it was reported that Kansas 24th District Representative Jarrod Ousley was telling families DCF was fighting him on any oversight and asked for stories of their abuse by the system to convince other lawmakers of the need for such oversight.

Finally, The Daily Haze just recently posted an audio recording of a Kansas CASA worker demonstrating how St Francis Worker Laura Price, and other officials were covering up severe due process violations and manufactured evidence in the Schwab case.

St Francis Director Laura Price who was accused on recording by CASA Worker of committing perjury in Schwab case.

Recording and story:

Needless to say the one thing we can all count on from Sam Brownback, Phyllis Gilmore, St Francis Community Services and other Kansas care Foster Care Contractors is an absolute denial of the real danger their agencies pose to children and families in the State of Kansas.

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Ohio Lab Sued: falsified drug test for DCF

Loveland, CO: In a recent viral article and recording published by The Daily Haze it was reported how Kansas DCF used manufactured evidence and false report of a positive drug test against Raymond Schwab. The article can be found here:

Now another case has come to light. According to a lawsuit filed against Accurate Diagnostics as many as 30 families could have had their results falsified. Full story below.


Laurens County, Ohio: DSS is currently investigating drug test results that were possibly falsified through Accurate Diagnostics at the Laurens County branch.

Between January 3rd and October 20th of 2015, DSS says the drug test reports are all questionable that came from the Laurens County Accurate Diagnostics location.

Accurate Diagnostics has a contract to take in urine and hair samples to be tested for DSS cases state wide. The hair samples are sent off to varying companies including Omega Laboratories in Ohio.


Full Story:




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