Anonymous Whistleblower Wants Kansas DCF Held Accountable

The Daily Haze has recently released a case file, provided by a source near DCF who insist Dept. of Children and Family Services is covering up negligence and abuse within its own system. The file involves as death of a child back in 2014. VIEW FULL ARTICLE

In a June 11, 2014 KAKE article the story read as follows.

   Joseph D. “Joey” Sponaugle, 27, is charged with first degree murder, child abuse, and child endangerment. A criminal complaint alleges Sponaugle killed a 4 month old, between January 11th and 14th.

The child’s mother, Brittani Figueroa, confirms that her ex-boyfriend was arrested yesterday for the death of their daughter. FULL ARTICLE HERE

According to this whistle blower DCF has a pattern of hiding evidence of homes where kids are actually being abused, while taking kids from healthy homes with no substantiated abuse. Not being able to live with their conscience anymore the whistle blower leaked the documents of the Sponaugle case to show how DCF is really Destroying Children and Families through their negligence. Apparently case workers were very aware of the environment the Figueroa children were living in but left them in the home anyways.

In another 2014 case a lawsuit was filed alleging it was DCF negligence and refusal to remove a child from an abusive home that led to the child’s death (Article HERE). In an interview with a source at the office of Attorney Randall Rathbun, Free Our Children was informed that no documents or discovery have been supplied concerning that case. As Rathbun lamented in the previous article,

” DCF has ignored his attempt to obtain documents.  I am pleading this case in the dark,” he told Wooley, the judge.

Parents such as the Schwab’s, whose protest at the Kansas Capitol has entered its 3oth day, realize that the poor management and negligence in the DCF system put their children at risk everyday. Almost all of the Schwab Children have suffered some form of abuse since being kidnapped under false pretenses by DCF, even though the ensuing investigation declared the Schwab’s absolved of any of the accusations through an unsubstantiated finding.

While no one can confirm whether the entire  Sponaugle file is present; documents reveal that DCF may have left children in a home where drug abuse, drug dealing and domestic violence were admitted to the casemanager. Months later, a child died

Rathburn confirmed a similar pattern in his own case;  “DCF was negligent and that it “increased the risk” (Of harm to the child) and, “They just horribly fumbled the ball,”(Source: Link).

The case file seems to support the claims by many family activists that DCF has a repeated history of leaving children in abusive situations while kidnapping 96% of their caseload from households without any substantiated abuse. Theresa Freed, Director of communications for the Kansas DCF, stated in an interview with the Topeka Capitol Journal,

“Determining whether an allegation is true is separate from a recommendation to remove children from the home, said Theresa Freed, communications director for DCF. Though an unsubstantiated finding that doesn’t lead to a parent getting their child back may be confusing, Freed said, substantiated findings account for only 4 percent of the removals the agency handles”

Yet apparently, when actual danger to children presents itself, DCF is incapable of actually keeping children safe, either in their care or out of it.

The Daily Haze article also demonstrates the financial incentives which these private agencies receive to keep children in care and adopt them out of family placement.








About Seraphim

After seeing the horror of the DCF practices and policies, the Schwab family is dedicated to issues of liberty and connecting people, groups and organizations for a National Underground to counter DCF's war on parents and families.
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