They Report You Decide: Schwab Press Conference

April 15, 2015 the Schwab Family had a press conference to address the misinformation and false allegations which have been uttered on every level of Kansas Government and in the media without a single shred of evidence. WIBW, Topeka Capitol Journal, and KSNT were all present and only one covered the event.

No news agency covered the testimony of Tyler Schwab who explained how DCF has banned him from his siblings for almost a year in apparent retaliation of him testifying that his parent’s were not drug addicts. Nor did they mention the article by embedded reporter Meko Haze concerning St Francis financial incentives and DCF negligence leading to a child’s death.

Here is the report from WIBW—but-wont-say-much-375894881.html

And here is the actual press conference:




About Seraphim

After seeing the horror of the DCF practices and policies, the Schwab family is dedicated to issues of liberty and connecting people, groups and organizations for a National Underground to counter DCF's war on parents and families.
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3 Responses to They Report You Decide: Schwab Press Conference

  1. randal roberson says:

    hello to the Schwab family.I am Randal Roberson.On feb.15 2016 at Midland Memorial hospital My wife gave birth to our baby boy Alex J Roberson.The nurse there took blood from my wife Sheilla Roberson A few hours later on the nurse came back in the hospital room and said her blood test came back negative for the hep b vaccine,Shortly after that our baby was born,The nurse then said lets go ahead and vaccinate the baby.I said no way,I am for vaccines but knowing whats in them no way I will submit.She then left the room then shortly later she came back to to room and said that now my wife tested positive for hep b.She explained that there is a 15 hour window to vaccinate the baby or else death could happen.And she also said it is a law to vaccinate at this point.I know that was a lie.I told her that hep b was viral and I would attack it with holistic care.She told me she is going to call the CPS and she did and the CPS and 6 city policeman came into the room and the lady from the CPS said give the baby to her to be taken away and also my 20 month old daughter was there in the room and the CPS lady asked if she had been vaccinated I told her no.She then said ok give both children to her to be taken away.I told her over my dead body.After 1 and a half hour of me telling them I know who they are,I am a man of God and so on.the nurse then left the room and shortly later on came back in the room and said now the blood test is negative.Rat Bastards ruined a high point of my wife and I having a awesome day of life welcoming our new born.Here in the state of Texas where this took place the law says what they did that being the hospital was a class b mis.and also the Cps was guilty.Now I have been for a lawyer to sue them,It so far has been all the lawyers are spineless cowards or whatever maybe to busy ect.If you know of anybody such as a Lawyer that can help me please email me saw yall on Alex Jones show.I will pray for yall .The things yall said opened my eyes to the point they the Cps are already building a case against me.I feel the need to sue at least the hospital to back all of them down.Please help and may Jesus be with yall God bless.


  2. MIsty Johnson says:

    need some help here in Florida– Please– We are being investigated and harrassed by DCF — and need help desperately


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