Schwab Family Goes to Washington DC

June 13th through the 17th Amelia, Tyler and Raymond Schwab will be in Washington DC to lobby for Foster Care Reform. Here is some of the information I have received from the organizers. Not only are the Schwab’s going to stand with every family who has been victimized by State Sponsored Child Trafficking, but we will utilize the week to seek Federal intervention in the State of Kansas personally contacting numerous Federal and Private agencies while handing out copies of our revised Federal Lawsuit.

Here is a segment from The Wichita Eagle concerning the lawsuit:


We will also hold some informational sessions with fellow activist (and hopefully the Next Governor of Kansas) Jennifer Winn to show people how we filed a pro se Federal Lawsuit, and tips on forming Parental Rights and Activist groups in their home State. If you cannot come, please review the list at the bottom for other ways you can help. DSC00011 (1)

PHOTO: Activist Jennifer Winn’s Rally for the Schwab’s at the Riley County Courthouse April 2016 (Middle Right)

From The Organizers:

“Nothing is public yet. Senators Wyden & Hatch address having a picnic hearing on Monday June 13 to hear what they are proposing for reform. They announced a bill last year but withdrew it before our rally in February where we meet with all the senator and Congressional offices advocating for the title IVE federal funding to go towards failure preservation and not as incentives for foster care nor bonuses for adoption . We also don’t want per head funding which only would cause corruption by opening up more cases than necessary but instead 80% of the funding to be per capita depending on how many families live in the jurisdiction and the other 20% to be awarded only if they can show positive child outcomes like increase in use of foster homes (that they would have to pay for with their own state budget as opposed to federal monies), increase in kids graduating, decrease in use of psychotropic drugs users on children etc.”

June 13th – June 17th

US Capitol West Lawn –


DAILY We have a March- Planned – around the Capitol Building Clockwise- AT NOON! with signs. To pay our respect to the children who have paid so dearly because of the consequences of a lack of MEANINGFUL Family Preservation ! THIS IS THE HEART OF THE MATTER ! ( 1230 -Lunch)

2:30 DAILY “How to Rally YOUR Representatives for the changes you need” With Kathleen Arthur. Who is speaking to Congress with others- regarding FOSTER CARE REFORM this week !

(M- W-F-organizer clean -up)

3- 6 PM Is a wonderful time to Visit the Reps- The offices are open until 6pm daily !

[NOTE: Monday Wednesday and Fridays- We are on the WEST LAWN (Area 1) and we have to be cleaned up by 3 pm for The The Performance ! We can watch- we just have to have our signs and supplies out of their reserved space- However Tuesday and Thursdays we are on the East Lawn (area 10)- See the map ]

How you can help: Remember it takes a large number of support personnel to field one soldier!

We have recently changed our GOFUNDME to reflect the expanded need’s of our case AND activism. We feel it is critical to network and stand up for families around the country. Our case may be going to the US Supreme Court, and being that we are pro se in all of our cases, these things take an enormous amount of time and money. The exhaustion, frustration, time and expense burning out the family is what this system relies on as it robs the poor of justice and tramples on the widow and orphan, single moms, families in crisis etc. So, for those who cannot come, and we realize not everyone can but may want to be a part, here is what our needs are. We also need individuals to contact local and National Media concerning this event!

  1. Prayer. This is not a joke or some request to make us appear spiritual. We know that the Scripture is true when it states“For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. “ Ephesians 6:12

We are not trying to push our faith on anyone, but desire those who know the power of prayer to join us for this week in periods of secret prayer and fasting. Begin praying now that God will open doors and allow us to meet people who CAN and WILL assist in stopping Kansas in their destruction and victimization of my family and reform DCF. Pray that He will help provide for those who may not have the funds to come, and keep all of us safe in our journey there and home. There are forces which want our mouths SILENCED and we will not be silenced.

    1. Lodging: The organizers have set up a small fund in order to provide lunches for the participants, as well as assist in paying for the week of lodging on the campground. The location we will all be staying is this campground:

The reason this park was chosen is not because we are trying to be fancy, but it is the closet to DC and will allow us to catch a bus and subway into the city so those of us not from DC will not have to drive. The organizers are staying there and in the evening we can all fellowship, share our stories, network and we can film peoples stories. It would be ideal if we can all stay together here, and a definite time of respite and comfort for those of us who are fighting for our children to join our hearts together during the week.

If anyone would like to assist in General with the lodging expenses of everyone please go to this link:

Your donation is tax deductible and the organizers will use these funds 100% for needs revolving around the Rally.

If anyone feels led to help the Schwab’s lodging specifically, we will be staying in an eight person tent and will host three other guest in our tent. You can call the RV park and pay for it directly or call us at 970-402-7230 so we can coordinate. OR, if anyone has a place we can stay we will do that as well if the funding isn’t raised. We are not in this to make money off peoples suffering, nevertheless we cannot create change without meeting with those who can help us create it.

      1. Gas and Food (Of Course).

Yes, we are human. And we actually eat food. I have been working a new job, 10 hour days to help cover our expenses, but due to the short notice any assistance in this area will be a blessing. Due Amelia’s health we are going to have to make the journey in 3 eight hour driving days and will have to get reasonable hotels on the way, pay for a campground or connect with a supporter in one of the cities we are traveling through for a night. Due to security reasons we prefer a hotel or house as we have made many powerful enemies recently. Meko Haze and his cameraman will be riding in our car and we would like to assist their journey as well to minimize their expenses so they can put more toward the documentary “Children in the Shadows”.


Any extra funds that people designate for this event will also go to other participants to meet any needs that arise.One such participant is Michael Brooks. We are trying to get him to DC from Tennessee in order to tell his story of how legal Cannabis put his Hepatitis C into REMISSION and TN responded by stealing his children and forcing him back on toxic pharma.


Michael Brooks (Undated photo from FB)

We will also use extra funding  for signs, flyers and making copies of the lawsuit to hand out to agencies and persons we visit outlining all the criminal and civil rights violations which have occurred in our case. We will use 100% of these funds for this trip, rally and other participants.

How we will include you:

As much as possible we will try and livestream various events based on internet ability. We will do evening check ins on FB and if we can get good livestream there will also be livestream Q&A’s. During the days we will provide updates with information how you may be able to actively participate through making calls. We will also try to get live interviews with various families and activist.

There are amazing tools at our disposable making this generation of ChangeMakers more connected. We don’t want you just giving or praying for this event if you can’t come (And we prefer to meet you face to face), but actively engaged in this Rally through social Media! Please continue to watch for any changes or updates concerning events, needs, or happenings as they develop over the week.

May God Bless Us and Keep Us. May His face shine upon us and give us favor.

Contact info: 970-402-7230


About Seraphim

After seeing the horror of the DCF practices and policies, the Schwab family is dedicated to issues of liberty and connecting people, groups and organizations for a National Underground to counter DCF's war on parents and families.
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  1. D.B N. says:

    I wonder if Christian Legal society or ACLJ would help..


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