Only 4% of Kansas DCF Removals are the result of substantiated abuse.

Loveland, Colorado-  Let’s do the math here. If 6300 children are in DCF custody in the State of Kansas, and only 4% of those removals come with a substantiated finding of neglect or abuse from the subsequent investigation, how many children are in custody without the parents being substantiated for abuse or neglect? 6048. theresa freedTheresa Freed (Dcf Public affairs)

While Raymond Schwab was on his hunger strike Theresa Freed, Communications Director for DCF and propaganda mouthpiece, boasted that only four percent of children are removed because of substantiated findings of abuse or neglect.  So how does DCF get away with it?  Kansas DCF, in conjunction with the Juvenile Court system, often bullies parents into signing legal documents, workers or contractors Like St Francis commit perjury on the stand, and workers force parents, through threats and false promises, to sign away their rights or “Never see their children again”. They intentionally withhold the findings of their investigations until after the adjudication hearing so the judges can make a finding contrary to the actual investigation.

For instance, the Schwab’s adjudication hearing was on July 15th, 2015, the same date that DCF mailed the result’s of their investigation to the Schwab’s thereby nullifying those results by allowing the adjudication hearing (Where heresay testimony from former  RCPD Officer Carla Swartz was the entire state case…no OTHER EVIDENCE) to go forward. If the report was released before the hearing DCF would have been required to give the children back.


When Mr. Schwab spoke to Kendra Baker, Former Foster Parent and Youth Ombudsman of Kansas DCF, concerning the findings, and demanded his children back Ms. Baker asserted the investigation meant nothing except the Schwab’s would not be placed on a child abuse registry.

You read that correct. Though the Schwab’s are not registered child abusers, because the investigation resulted in an unsubstantiated finding, DCF has had their children for almost two years. This is the criminal behavior of Kansas DCF. To quote the Topeka Capitol Journal,

“In April 2015, five of Schwab’s children were removed from his care. DCF concluded in July that abuse allegations against Schwab and his wife, Amelia, were unsubstantiated, but the children haven’t been returned.

Determining whether an allegation is true is separate from a recommendation to remove children from the home, said Theresa Freed, communications director for DCF. Though an unsubstantiated finding that doesn’t lead to a parent getting their child back may be confusing, Freed said, substantiated findings account for only 4 percent of the removals the agency handles.”

Does anyone one else have a problem with this?

From: The Topeka Capitol Journal:

The Kansas Department for Children and Families on Tuesday countered a man’s allegations that his children haven’t been returned to his care because he has used medical marijuana by stating his accusations are false.

Raymond Schwab began a hunger strike Monday in response to news that his son, who is under DCF care, is being sent to a psychiatric residential treatment facility.

“Although we are bound by confidentiality requirements and prohibited from discussing the specifics of the case, to protect the privacy of his children, we can say Mr. Schwab’s accusations are false,” the statement released by DCF said. “He is providing the public with an incomplete and inaccurate account of the events that have transpired.”

Full Story Here

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After seeing the horror of the DCF practices and policies, the Schwab family is dedicated to issues of liberty and connecting people, groups and organizations for a National Underground to counter DCF's war on parents and families.
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3 Responses to Only 4% of Kansas DCF Removals are the result of substantiated abuse.

  1. Jeanne Tolefree says:

    Here is a post a sfcs work posted on her own page…

    Dear Licensed Social Worker friends & friends who have a degree in which you can be licensed with the state…

    If you love working with teens & think it might be fun & exciting to help youth transition into adulthood, please go apply with St. Francis Community Services web site & apply to be my next team member!!

    I’m looking for someone with passion to work with young adults!!! Is that you?!?!

    She never once said anything bout helping family stay together or just help like they should. But she want to finish raising ur kids. Her name is Amy Jo Otey. She made this post 8-24-2017 10days after my little brother birthday. And 17days after them wrongful adjudicated my little brother and sister .


  2. Please help they took my girls almost 3 yrs ago n I’m still fighting but only have until Feb 6th when trial starts to sever my rights I love my girls n was not even home when the stuff happened with my youngest daughter I left them n my home with their father n never knew what happened that day til the day they took them. Please I’m begging u nobody will help


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