Kansas DCF claims Schwab’s must move back to Kansas to get children back.

In December of 2016 Judge Bosch in the Riley County Court ordered the Schwab children returned after the completion of an Interstate Compact For the Placement of Children home study. Due to the stalling of Kansas DCF Mr. Schwab, on May 2nd, filed a motion to hold DCF in contempt for refusing to expedite the ICPC request.

Four hours after filing the affidavit to hold DCF in contempt, Kansas DCF claimed that the Schwab’s petition for an ICPC was denied…coincidence? We think not.



As noticed by the email, no reasons are given, no means of appealing the decision are provided. The Schwab’s were never contacted by Colorado DCF, nor was the home study for the ICPC ever completed.

Is Kansas DCF lying? Are they working in conjunction with Colorado DCF to deprive the Schwab’s of equal protection under law?

So now Kansas will demand the Schwab’s to leave their home, livelyhood, and family for no other reason than they desire to retaliate against those who expose their State Sponsored Child Trafficking.

Mr. Schwab is contemplating beginning a new hunger strike before the June 20th court date.deeperroots


About Seraphim

After seeing the horror of the DCF practices and policies, the Schwab family is dedicated to issues of liberty and connecting people, groups and organizations for a National Underground to counter DCF's war on parents and families.
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6 Responses to Kansas DCF claims Schwab’s must move back to Kansas to get children back.

  1. Tracy corrick says:

    That’s just not right😞 When I had my children stolen from me I was visiting over in ca I’m a resident in mn, not sure how long I was going to be there tho but then I had no choice because they had my children, I was never charge with anything but never would give my kids back, every court date was a continuance and they never gave me a reunification plan, after about 10 months of that bs they flew my kids to the “non offending” parent and forced everyone to go back to mn, then cps was done with us, I still don’t understand it and probably never will, they had no reason to even keep my kids other than money.. That’s a pretty unfair situation on your end, having to uproot your life when it’s not needed… Just ridiculous, I will praying for you all!


  2. Kelli says:

    Okay where do I sign up? I live in Junction city KS and they took my kids for no reason and I’ve been fighting the state to get my kids back almost 2 years now. The reports came back as unsubstantiated and it was all hear say.


  3. TJ says:

    I am sorry because I know what Kansas is doing is wrong. However, I would do whatever they wanted to get my kids back. This has been drug out for so long and all the time missed with them can not be recaptured. I wouldn’t want to miss another minute. My kids mean far more to me then fighting the system. You are obviously not going to win. Even if you do …. how much of their childhood are you willing to give up? I do not want a bunch of backlash for my opinion so don’t bother.


    • Seraphim says:

      That’s what you fail to understand sir. Onve you are targeted the chance of getting your kids back are slim to none even if you find a way to jump through their hoops. I will not live in cowardice or fear. Some things are greater than our own self preservation.


  4. Jennifer J says:

    My daughter has been through hell in back because of kansas cps or should i say kvc. Raped treated in a way no one should ever be treated by foster familys or the system. Cps destroyed my daughter!!!!!!!


  5. Lisa says:

    Can they not contact the agency in Colorado and see if they were even contacted regarding doing the home study? Sounds awful fishy to me like they never did even contact Colorado.


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