Court Support: Teen Mom, Daria Vredenburg, Forced to Undergo 3 Psychological Evaluations

WICHITA, KS: Teen mom, Daria Vredenburg, is being attacked by St Francis Community Services and Kansas DCF again according to a source close to the case. Daria, whose video plea for help went viral after Kansas DCF ripped her baby from her arms, is now being forced to undergo multiple psychological evaluations because case workers are not satisfied with the outcome of the reports.

Here is the video she put out last month.



Not only has this teen mother had her child #taken, she has been threatened with jail if she speaks publically about the case.  Recently, Free Our Children has been informed that Daria was forced to undergo two psychological  evaluations and now the State is demanding she take another because they did not get the result they wanted.

Kansas DCF and its private contractors like KVC and St Francis are notorious for manipulating the legal system and work in conjunction with State Funded service providers to disadvantage families who have had their children unjustly ripped away. DCF, as a whole, will pit family members against each other, force husbands and wives to divorce or separate, and do all they can to place hardship and undue burdens on families to set them up for failure. The longer children are in their custody, the more federal monies pour into the Kansas budget thats broken due to Governor Brownback’s poor economic management and budget.

Daria’s next hearing is Friday May 5th at 8:30 am, Juvenile Courthouse, Wichita Kansas and she is requesting court support. Please stand with this teen mother against the manipulations and assaults of a State Agency that is out of control, and has no hesitation to abuse the legal system, lie, threaten parents to silence, use manufactured evidence and testimony while their coffers are being filled with Federal Incentive monies in the State Sponsored Trafficking of Children under the Color of Law in the State of Kansas.







About Seraphim

After seeing the horror of the DCF practices and policies, the Schwab family is dedicated to issues of liberty and connecting people, groups and organizations for a National Underground to counter DCF's war on parents and families.
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One Response to Court Support: Teen Mom, Daria Vredenburg, Forced to Undergo 3 Psychological Evaluations

  1. Karla says:

    I paid for and took my own psychological evaluations in Ohio what they neutral parties.
    Passed all 7 of them with flying colors. But the one CPS was trying to spoon feed lies was kicked out.


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