Teen Mom, Daria Vredenburg, threatened again, ordered to go to DCF’s chosen provider for third mental health evaluation


WICHITA, KS: According to a source in the Sedgwick County Courthouse,in a stunning abuse of power Judge Eric Williams Of the 18th District Court Division , threatened teen mom Daria Vredenburg that she better not speak to any one not involved in the case. Many weeks ago Judge Williams issued and unlawful and unconstitutional order banning Daria from speaking on social media or any public site about her case. Now that many advocates have rushed to her assistance she has been unlawfully ordered to “Keep her mouth shut”. Furthermore this young mother was ordered to do a THIRD mental health evaluation, with the provider being selected by DCF and St Francis Community Services in a blatant attempt at Forum Shopping for DCF to get the negative health evaluation they want to justify kidnapping Daria’s baby.

And this isn’t the behavior of criminals…how?

Guardian Ad Litem, Mike Lazzo of the Lazzo law firm in Wichita Ks, who has spearheaded some of the threats against Daria, claimed in documentation give to Free Our Children, he will prove she is unfit as a mother is she can’t stop posting of his unconstitutional behaviors on FB, stated he was angry because his office received calls and “Threats” concerning his behavior in this case.

Yet, this is all in the “best interest of Maddox Vredenburg”.

This behavior by Kansas DCF is not an anomaly. Due to the fact that TWO psych evals stated Daria was a fit mother judge Williams and Kansas DCF, desperate to prove their criminal behavior is justified, ordered that Daria take a third mental health evaluation and DCF gets to pick the provider. This assures St Francis Community Services and Kansas DCF can find a biased provider to give them the result they need to justify the seizure of Maddox.


Former Kansas Gubernatorial Candidate Jennifer Winn stated in a phone call with Free Our Children that this behavior is common with Kansas DCF and she has every intention of supporting Daria by initiating a series of protest against Judge Williams and Lazzo. Ms. Winn, a longtime activist for family rights, clearly believes this is not only an abuse of power, but victimization of a young teen who just wants the right to be a mother without government interference.


To get more information or express you displeasure there are a number lawful actions one can take. First, people can call into the Sedgwick County Court and Mike Lazzo to express their displeasure. Furthermore Free Our Children encourages people to find attorney review sites for the Lazzo Law Office and post reviews and links to the articles about Daria to let the public know of his participation in the silencing and abuse of a young mother fighting for her baby.

(UPDATE) Apparently Michael Lazzo has change the number to his law office. Free Our Children encourages people post their views on this man’s activities in every law firm review which carrie this name. He can change his number, but lets not let him hide his reputation.

About Seraphim

After seeing the horror of the DCF practices and policies, the Schwab family is dedicated to issues of liberty and connecting people, groups and organizations for a National Underground to counter DCF's war on parents and families.
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2 Responses to Teen Mom, Daria Vredenburg, threatened again, ordered to go to DCF’s chosen provider for third mental health evaluation

  1. Kate says:

    Is there anyone helping Daria get her son back? Any pro bono lawyers?


  2. April Lejeune says:

    Can someone please help this young lady to get an attorney. The state of Kansas is violating her consttutional rights. This is a trade mark of Saint Francis services and Kansas DCF, and Juvenile Justice Authority.


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