Is FB Protecting State Sponsored Child Traffickers?


Loveland, CO:  Recently a request was made on FB for supporters of the Schwab family to get info and pictures of three agents involved in the unlawful kidnapping and cover-up of the Schwab Children. Within minuets, the post was scrubbed from FB.

Public officials are to be….well..public, but as the Schwab’s have been gathering info on certain public officials involved in their Federal Lawsuit they have discovered the internet has been scrubbed of their existence.

Assistant Attorney General of Kansas, Steve Phillips, even has scrubbed images on media sites associated with his office.

The Schwab’s are asking for the publics help in getting information and pictures related to the following parties.

  1. Kansas Assistant Attorney General Steve Phillips
  2. Associate District Attorney of Riley County KS Bethany Fields.
  3. Attorney Ad Litem Lora Ingles of the Oleen law firm in Manhattan Ks.

The purpose of this information is to hold public officials and those involved in State Sponsored Child Trafficking accountable to their neighbors and peers. This information is not being sought for any criminal purposes. We are requesting any information or photos concerning these individuals be emailed to:

About Seraphim

After seeing the horror of the DCF practices and policies, the Schwab family is dedicated to issues of liberty and connecting people, groups and organizations for a National Underground to counter DCF's war on parents and families.
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2 Responses to Is FB Protecting State Sponsored Child Traffickers?

  1. Annonomus says:

    Corruption not only in Kansas. Grandmother denied her grand children. The Campbell County lawyer hired by DSS colluded with Judge A.Ellen White, DSS worker Helen Mays falsely accused grand mother of taking illegal drugs. Judge A.Ellen White threatened grand mothers attorney Judge told him if he continued his questions for Helen Mays that she would have to act. The other lawyers dropped their heads. Grand mother never got her day in court She talked to seven lawyers and hired three. NO JUSTICE in Campbell County J&D Court. Rustburg ,Virginia Anyone out there concerned. It will eventually be you if it’s not stopped!!!

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  2. Cheryl Nagel says:

    As photos come in, please share them and we’ll plaster them all over!


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