Holm And Schwab Families to Unite in DC

LOVELAND, CO:  April 27, 2015 the Schwab Children were stolen by family, illegally seized by Carla Swartz of the the Riley County Police, and despite an unsubstantiated finding of abuse by the Kansas Department of Children and Family Services the Schwab’s were maliciously prosecuted By ADA Bethany Fields and Riley County Attorney Barry Wilkerson. After Two hunger Strikes, federal litigation and complete compliance by the Schwab’s their children have not been returned.


Carla Swartz coercing a child against the child’s parents. VIDEO HERE

Medical Kidnap Articles on the Schwab’s. CLICK HERE

Late in 2016 Alabama citizens and  DCF stalked, sexually assaulted Mrs. Holms when she went into labor at a campsite by unknown “Nurses” forcing themselves on her to check her dilation level, and then kidnapped their unnamed son after mistaking their identity. Alabama has gone so far to name the child themselves and assign baby Holm an SSN so they can go after the Holm family for child support:


IMG_0481 Recently Christian and Danielle contacted the Schwab’s to let them know they feel they have exhausted themselves with the systems of men and will begin a journey, walking across the US to meet the Schwab’s in DC to petition President Trump.

Christian Stated “We were just a couple who were walking across the country, from church to church sharing the gospel and speaking to people about Christ. When we entered Alabama they criminally kidnapped our newborn baby and after exhausting ourselves in legal pleadings, which have been ignored, we have decided to continue our Journey to DC to petition Trump as the Apostle Paul petitioned Caesar. Man’s system is a failure which chooses politically who they will allow to succeed”.

The Holm’s will begin their trek across the country going city to city and church to church to cry out against the injustices of State Sponsored Child Trafficking, Preach the Gospel of Christ and meet the Schwab’s in DC to begin a mutual, indefinite fast asking for an audience with president Trump and criminal investigations into State Sponsored Child Trafficking in Alabama, Kansas, and many other States.

The Holm’s and Schwab’s Realize that the Judiciary, Law Enforcement, and State Government officials will continue to abuse their power, deny parents due process and civil liberties while they kidnap children to pad their budgets with Federal Incentives under Hillary Clinton’s Adoption’s and Safe Families Act of 1997, and Title IV of the Social Security Act.

Christian and Danielle will begin their journey by foot in an undisclosed location, for security reasons on Friday May 26, 2017 to eventually land in Washington DC to unite with the Schwab’s for an indefinite Fast/Hunger Strike until President Trump stands by his pledge to not ignore the average citizen and agrees to meet with them to review the evidence as many families seek a justice department investigation into State Sponsored Child Trafficking under the guise of Child Protection.

About Seraphim

After seeing the horror of the DCF practices and policies, the Schwab family is dedicated to issues of liberty and connecting people, groups and organizations for a National Underground to counter DCF's war on parents and families.
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