Christian and Danielle Holm Reach Charlotte NC During Protest Walk to D.C.



      Charlotte, NC: Christian and Danielle Holm reached Charlotte, NC on their walk to Washington D.C., protesting State Sponsored Child Trafficking and the Kidnapping of  their child..Baby Holm. Stolen from his mothers nursing breast in an Alabama hospital, the Holm’s recently shared with Free our Children that though they never had a chance to name their baby, Alabama Authorities named the baby themselves and assigned him a SSN so they could pursue the parent’s for child support. The Holm’s refuse to acknowledge the States Unconstitutional actions and continue to call their baby “Baby Holm”.

The Holm Story can be found HERE

#freebabyholm is a FB page which has stunning evidence of Alabama DCF and family court criminality.

Christian and Danielle messaged Free Our Children with the following message;

“So far, with our testimony and witness everyone is understanding and amazed. We told them we were missionaries living the way of the Bible and our baby was kidnapped. The world today is not the same as it was when the word’s (Of the Bible Ed.) were written. We have created technology with speed, but we have also created separation from each other. A possession filled environment forms addiction and must be sustained by debt. No one wants to help each other because they must give up so much of their own time to make money. In God’s environment of nature everything is given to us for free. Yes, we must shepherd and garden, but we can share for there are no possessions. Stand next to a tree and it is ours together given by God. Stand next to your car and it is your possession alone, with separation. This is what must be learned so that we all may unite back together again on common ground of the Creator’s nature. We are in Charolette today…much love brother”

And Amelia and I say much love to you as well as we share in the fellowship of suffering!

The Holm’s also felt moved by the statues in Charolette’s Independence Square. The Statue named “The Future” shows a mother swinging a child while standing on a hornets nest. The Holm’s felt the symbolism and God’s leading sharing with Free Our Children “When you look at the woman holding the baby, you will notice a hornets nest under her. This is very interesting because we always say that we stepped into a hornets nest in Heflin, Alabama”

The Holms are walking to Washington DC  so they may stand together with Raymond and Amelia Schwab as they begin a hunger strike in Washington D.C. to Petition President Trump for a federal investigation into their children’s fraudulent removal.

The event “No Longer Ignored” will begin June 27th 2017 in Lafayette Park, in front of The White House. The hunger strike will continue until President Trump agrees to look at evidence concerning State Sponsored Child Trafficking across the US.


About Seraphim

After seeing the horror of the DCF practices and policies, the Schwab family is dedicated to issues of liberty and connecting people, groups and organizations for a National Underground to counter DCF's war on parents and families.
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4 Responses to Christian and Danielle Holm Reach Charlotte NC During Protest Walk to D.C.

  1. rairsysca says:

    I the Holm’s are an amazing example of love amidst crippling catastrophic difficulty.


  2. MIichelle Korchinski says:

    I stand with the Holms in solidarity we must not let our sisters and brothers down in all that us good and righteous in this world let the evil in peoples hearts will be peirced by the rays of love of Yeshua and the father


  3. Thanks for keeping us updated!!!


  4. Linda Mount says:

    PLEASE help me Athens Ohio Athens County Children Protection Services is Medical kidnapping our children and we need help.There is several families here in Athens Ohio and 2 of which is family members.I have proof that a medical expert diagnosed my grandson of having Metabolic Bone Disease and also vitamin D deficiency but the prosecutor will not accept it because it was timed out. Can somebody please help me and Lead me in the right direction so I can bring my grandbabies home where they belong I have not seen them since November 2015 Athens County Children Protection Services is accusing us of child abuse my daughter is in prison for it and she did not hurt her baby


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