Schwab Case Worker Exposed for Perjury In CASA Recording Taken Off Case Given Private Security

By Winston  Smith

June 17, 2017

      St Francis (A Private Kansas Foster Care Agency) Supervisor Laura Price who has been accused by the Schwab’s and CASA worker, in leaked audio, of committing perjury in the Schwab case.


Emporia Kansas: According to DCF source’s close to the Schwab case St Francis Supervisor Laura Price, who was accused of perjury and sabotaging the Schwab case in a leaked recording of a phone call between CASA worker Cathie Baer and the Schwab’s , has been removed from case management on the case and now has her own 24/7 contingent of security paid for by Kansas taxpayers.

In an apparent desperate attempt to paint the Schwab’s as dangerous criminals, rather than investigate Ms. Price’s malfeasence and criminal perjury St Francis placed a critical incident report into the court file claiming due to a FB post Ms. Price received threats and now the State of Kansas is required to use its already depleted budget to provide Ms. price with her own private protection detail. It is not known at this time who the threats were from, what the threats concerned, or what law enforcement agencies are involved.

The Schwab’s stated they were unaware of this development. Mr Schwab responded to the news of Ms Price’s removal with surprise,

“We know its DCF and St Francis Policy to notify parents of any case management changes, and we have not been notified of this change. As far as we knew Laura Price was still the lead case worker. If I was to speculate I would say that since the Assistant District Attorney, Bethany Fields, recently filed a motion seeking to have the court order the Schwab’s to “Follow Court Rules” and mentioned mean things people were saying about Laura on FB that they conspired to uses this manufactured crisis to try and gag order us. It just demonstrates what lengths St Francis and Kansas DCF will go through to hide their trafficking of children, deprivation of due process, used of manufactured evidence and bullying of parent’s. Its just a weak attempt to make us look dangerous to justify their behavior. Instead of investigating this woman, they are painting her to be a victim. What a shame”.

The Schwab’s have a Permanency hearing June 20th where the ADA has requested private security for all the social workers and court officials due to a scheduled protest.

  The Motion filed by Riley County ADA 

About Seraphim

After seeing the horror of the DCF practices and policies, the Schwab family is dedicated to issues of liberty and connecting people, groups and organizations for a National Underground to counter DCF's war on parents and families.
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7 Responses to Schwab Case Worker Exposed for Perjury In CASA Recording Taken Off Case Given Private Security


  2. Lisa says:

    Ok so due to a protest they are going to have extra security? Have they not seen the peaceful protests that are done at these hearings? They are full of it.


  3. Kimberly says:

    The protests aren’t dangerous they are peaceful. The dangerous people in this are the agencies and associations, and the workers who allowed your children and yourselves to be abused and bullied within the parameters of said “associations”.
    No abuse or neglect by you.
    No danger to the children by you.
    No reason to have held your children in captivity away from you.

    The so called ‘child protection’ that these agencies and associations supposedly provide, are nothing but a ruse to make money from and traffic the children.

    Times up. They need to give your children back to you and be punished for their crimes against you and the thousands of other children and families they’ve harmed.


  4. Can you please give an update as to your upcoming DC Rally with the Holms’? Is it still happening?


  5. Tara James says:

    I need to speak to somebody


  6. Jeanne Tolefree says:

    I need help in Wichita. It’s not just dcf or sfcs its the wpd too.


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