Kansas DCF and Courts Trying to Unconstitutionally Seize Firearms From Law Abiding Parents




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Butler County ,Kansas: In an unprecedented and unconstitutional demand, Kansas DCF in collusion with private contractor St Francis and Butler County Courts have ordered parents Jamie and Floyd Williams to surrender their lawful owned firearms.

For case history about why Jamie and Floyd had their children removed please see the links below:

1. http://thedailyhaze.com/jamie-floyd-williams-reintegration/

2. https://freeourchildren.org/2016/03/20/butler-county-ks-threatens-jail-for-free-speech/



Free our children was contacted by a source close to the case who informed us that the 9am court hearing was rescheduled for 11am. When parties came back for court they were all forced to leave behind cellphones in an obvious attempt to cover up what the Court was getting ready to try.  While advocates and court supporters waited outside the Courtroom they were then subjected to another illegal and unconstitutional search with a wand outside the Courtroom. One activist, who wished to remain anonymous, observed;

   “After we were searched at the door the Police came over and asked that if anyone was going into the courtroom they get searched again…we asked if this was only being done for the Williams case and the officer replied “Yes”…”

A CASA worker claimed Jamie William’s had made a comment, that was reported to them about shooting social workers. The Williams never have been violent in their peaceful protesting even after being threatened with jail if they continued to speak publicly about the injustices occurring in their case. No evidence was produced. The Williams were never even charged with a crime, nor are they being charged for the alleged “Threat”.

As reported in a previous article, with 96% of Kansas abuse allegations resulting in an unsubstantiated finding of abuse, to allow a court to seize guns based on a social workers accusation is an alarming precedent. These severe civil liberties issues are not uncommon in the Kansas Courts and Agencies under Sam Brownback’s administration. While claiming to support the Second Amendment, the Brownback, Koch brother funded republicans are saying nothing while a State agency is using the exploitation of children to force parents to surrender their firearms.

Please Share this Youtube video as allowing this dangerous precedent puts all of our gun rights at risk.

About Seraphim

After seeing the horror of the DCF practices and policies, the Schwab family is dedicated to issues of liberty and connecting people, groups and organizations for a National Underground to counter DCF's war on parents and families.
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