Free our children is action, information, and education. Many of us are just parents or people forced into activism due to the State Sponsored Kidnapping of our children. We call it the parent underground because it’s only by networking under the radar and helping each other that and end can end the madness of the Family Court System.

This site is not intended to provide legal advice, but is a resource for parents to educate themselves and witness the battles for liberty and families being waged all across this nation.

Educate yourself or be a victim. This webpage is a process of continual improvement and revision as those who steal children for money change their names, tactics and strategies. We will win because evil hates the light…and we are shining.

-Seraphim and Amelia Schwab- June 2016


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2 Responses to WHO ARE WE?

  1. Christine Lampe says:

    My son and daughter in law are trying to get their children back from DCF and are running into problems. My son is a veteran with 3 deployments in combat and suffers from severe PTSD. The DA told my daughter in law that she would get the children back faster if she left my son. Need support and help because we can not afford the cost of all they require. (court costs, foster care , transportation, therapy). They told us they were there to help and they are just destroying this family. They said they were protecting the children and there have been injuries to the tod
    dler and behaviors develop with the other two.


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