Information: (What to Do/Rights/Lawsuit)

We often receive emails asking for help or direction concerning what a person can do if their rights are being violated by Family Court. Below we have copied some information on what parents should do if faced with child protection, know their right to due process is being violated, or desire to help other families. Please understand this is for informational purposes only and each person has to figure out where they fit in the battle and what is the appropriate course of action should be to combat child trafficking by the State.



This is LEGAL INFORMATION not LEGAL ADVICE. Free Our Children are not attorney’s and do not have attorney’s on staff. Below is compiled a number of documents and videos to give people an educational understanding of what a U.S.C. 1983 Civil Rights Complaint is.




Attorney Shawn McMillan won a 9.6 Million Lawsuit against DCF

Shawn’s instructional video on how to file a 1983 Complaint.


Link to Shawn’s pleadings, civil rights complaints and other legal documents which can be used as templates for filing a complaints.

Shawn’s Legal Documents

Recent 9th Circuit Appeals Court Ruling (Right to lie case) which took away immunity from social workers who lie to traffic children.

Handbook I used to help me understand how to form my complaint. Being a prisoner and suing the State in a 1983 action is similar to suing the State for the unlawful removal of children.

Jailhouse Lawyers Handbook