Kansas DCF Lies Through Teeth to KAKE News Concerning Transparency

   Wichita, KS: Kansas DCF is in the news again due to Legislators pushing for more oversight thank’s to activist exposing DCF’s negligence, violations of parents due process rights, child deaths, and contractor misconduct.

Family Activist and Former Gubernatorial Candidate Jennifer Winn

In response to an inquiry from KAKE news, Kansas DCF lied through its’s teeth as it falsely stated,

   “DCF Submitted neutral testimony pertaining to the proposed legislation. The Agency is dedicated to improving the safety and well-being of Kansas children. We are happy to collaborate with Lawmaker’s, community groups, and the general public to protect children from abuse and neglect”

KAKE News report:


What planet is this spokesperson living on? Anyone who has followed the egregious injustices suffered by my wife and I know exactly how unwilling Kansas DCF is being accountable to anyone. Free Our Children has been involved in cases, in Kansas, where children have been molested, force medicated, taken over false accusations and without warrants, and even left in abusive homes where they were eventually killed.

How receptive were Kansas official’s to my 21 day hunger strike? They lied in the press, had us arrested on trumped up charges, and have continued a pattern of civil rights violations, threats, and colluding with other agencies and officials to manipulate the legal system.

Hunger Strike (Click Here)

How receptive were Kansas Official’s to Former Gubernatorial Candidate, Jennifer Winn’s, petition drive to indite Governor Sam Brownback, Judge John F Bosch, DCF Director Phyllis Gilmore, with other judges, social workers, and magistrates?

Secretary of State Kris Kobach attempted to abuse his power by ordering the Wichita PD, and other law enforcement, to harass, move and seize the signs of petitioners. After Activist Jennifer Winn had a brisk talk with law Enforcement and they demanded Kobach put his order in writing the tyrant relented of his assault on these peaceful petitioners. Other locations reported groups of young ladies, claiming to be from St Francis Community Services, who tried to persuade the petitioners to quit getting signatures claiming Winn and the Schwab’s were horrible people. When the coercion did not work the workers went into polling stations and claimed the petitioners were harassing them.


How receptive were Kansas Officials to Jaimie and Floyd William’s, Teen Mother Daria Vredenburg and many other families who began to speak publicly about the civil rights  violations and due process being systematically abused by courts and agency officials .They gaged them and threatened them with jail if they spoke out again.

Jamie And Floyd Williams With Gags On Protesting Kansas DCF

(From: The Daily Haze)http://thedailyhaze.com/jamie-floyd-williams-reintegration/

How receptive has Kansas officials been to the scathing audit initiated by Former Senator Michael O Donell II? They blew off the results in the press, (even after a child under their watchful eye was murdered and fed to pigs) and claimed they were the safest in the nation.

Former Senator Michael O’Donnell

Foster Care Audit Shows Kids Not Protected:http://www.kansas.com/news/politics-government/article92168722.html

Phyllis Gilmore Defends DCF’s Poor Record:


At a recent protest in front of the Wichita, Ks DCF office it was reported that Kansas 24th District Representative Jarrod Ousley was telling families DCF was fighting him on any oversight and asked for stories of their abuse by the system to convince other lawmakers of the need for such oversight.

Finally, The Daily Haze just recently posted an audio recording of a Kansas CASA worker demonstrating how St Francis Worker Laura Price, and other officials were covering up severe due process violations and manufactured evidence in the Schwab case.

St Francis Director Laura Price who was accused on recording by CASA Worker of committing perjury in Schwab case.

Recording and story:http://thedailyhaze.com/kansas-dcf-leaked-audio-schwab/

Needless to say the one thing we can all count on from Sam Brownback, Phyllis Gilmore, St Francis Community Services and other Kansas care Foster Care Contractors is an absolute denial of the real danger their agencies pose to children and families in the State of Kansas.

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Ohio Lab Sued: falsified drug test for DCF

Loveland, CO: In a recent viral article and recording published by The Daily Haze it was reported how Kansas DCF used manufactured evidence and false report of a positive drug test against Raymond Schwab. The article can be found here:



Now another case has come to light. According to a lawsuit filed against Accurate Diagnostics as many as 30 families could have had their results falsified. Full story below.


Laurens County, Ohio: DSS is currently investigating drug test results that were possibly falsified through Accurate Diagnostics at the Laurens County branch.

Between January 3rd and October 20th of 2015, DSS says the drug test reports are all questionable that came from the Laurens County Accurate Diagnostics location.

Accurate Diagnostics has a contract to take in urine and hair samples to be tested for DSS cases state wide. The hair samples are sent off to varying companies including Omega Laboratories in Ohio.


Full Story:





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CASA Worker Recording Shows Kansas DCF Corruption In Schwab Case

  Wichita, KS. An audio recording uploaded to youtube by an unknown party was released today demonstrating how Kansas DCF and their private contractors have targeting the Schwab family, even by committing perjury.

Los Angeles Civil Right’s attorney, who flew out to Kansas during Raymond. Schwab’s 21 day hunger strike on the Kansas Capitol, had these comment’s to say about the video

“Audio from February 2017 provides shocking but not unexpected proof that the State of Kansas has targeted Raymond and Amellia Schwab. (Clips from the 90 minute audio are included – the entire audio is available on YouTube). The worker describes malfeasance by Kansas and the financial beneficiary of child stealing – a commercial entity known as KVC.

The Schwab children were taken by the Kansas Department of Children and Families three years ago while the children were with their maternal grandmother and the parents were moving the family to Colorado. Raymond Schwab, a veteran of the U.S. Navy who was then working for the Department of Veterans Affairs had been transferred from that agency’s Topeka facility to Colorado. Schwab, who suffers from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and was deemed 50% disabled by the government, had been recommended medical cannabis by a licensed Colorado physician. Despite the reported effectiveness of cannabis for people suffering from PTSD, John Bosch, a state court judge in Riley County, has refused to release the children until Schwab has stopped using medical cannabis. The judge later changed that ruling and ordered re-integration. However, as this audio shows, Kansas DCF and the third-party entity KVC — along with a private religious group – have stalled the re-integration process on purpose. Raymond Schwab said that Kansas is now seeking to permanently terminate his and his wife’s parental rights despite the re-integration order.”



Matthew Pappas Press Conference at the filing of Mr. Schwab’s Federal lawsuit in 2016.

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Holm And Schwab Families to Unite in DC

LOVELAND, CO:  April 27, 2015 the Schwab Children were stolen by family, illegally seized by Carla Swartz of the the Riley County Police, and despite an unsubstantiated finding of abuse by the Kansas Department of Children and Family Services the Schwab’s were maliciously prosecuted By ADA Bethany Fields and Riley County Attorney Barry Wilkerson. After Two hunger Strikes, federal litigation and complete compliance by the Schwab’s their children have not been returned.


Carla Swartz coercing a child against the child’s parents. VIDEO HERE

Medical Kidnap Articles on the Schwab’s. CLICK HERE

Late in 2016 Alabama citizens and  DCF stalked, sexually assaulted Mrs. Holms when she went into labor at a campsite by unknown “Nurses” forcing themselves on her to check her dilation level, and then kidnapped their unnamed son after mistaking their identity. Alabama has gone so far to name the child themselves and assign baby Holm an SSN so they can go after the Holm family for child support:


IMG_0481 Recently Christian and Danielle contacted the Schwab’s to let them know they feel they have exhausted themselves with the systems of men and will begin a journey, walking across the US to meet the Schwab’s in DC to petition President Trump.

Christian Stated “We were just a couple who were walking across the country, from church to church sharing the gospel and speaking to people about Christ. When we entered Alabama they criminally kidnapped our newborn baby and after exhausting ourselves in legal pleadings, which have been ignored, we have decided to continue our Journey to DC to petition Trump as the Apostle Paul petitioned Caesar. Man’s system is a failure which chooses politically who they will allow to succeed”.

The Holm’s will begin their trek across the country going city to city and church to church to cry out against the injustices of State Sponsored Child Trafficking, Preach the Gospel of Christ and meet the Schwab’s in DC to begin a mutual, indefinite fast asking for an audience with president Trump and criminal investigations into State Sponsored Child Trafficking in Alabama, Kansas, and many other States.

The Holm’s and Schwab’s Realize that the Judiciary, Law Enforcement, and State Government officials will continue to abuse their power, deny parents due process and civil liberties while they kidnap children to pad their budgets with Federal Incentives under Hillary Clinton’s Adoption’s and Safe Families Act of 1997, and Title IV of the Social Security Act.

Christian and Danielle will begin their journey by foot in an undisclosed location, for security reasons on Friday May 26, 2017 to eventually land in Washington DC to unite with the Schwab’s for an indefinite Fast/Hunger Strike until President Trump stands by his pledge to not ignore the average citizen and agrees to meet with them to review the evidence as many families seek a justice department investigation into State Sponsored Child Trafficking under the guise of Child Protection.

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Is FB Protecting State Sponsored Child Traffickers?


Loveland, CO:  Recently a request was made on FB for supporters of the Schwab family to get info and pictures of three agents involved in the unlawful kidnapping and cover-up of the Schwab Children. Within minuets, the post was scrubbed from FB.

Public officials are to be….well..public, but as the Schwab’s have been gathering info on certain public officials involved in their Federal Lawsuit they have discovered the internet has been scrubbed of their existence.

Assistant Attorney General of Kansas, Steve Phillips, even has scrubbed images on media sites associated with his office.

The Schwab’s are asking for the publics help in getting information and pictures related to the following parties.

  1. Kansas Assistant Attorney General Steve Phillips
  2. Associate District Attorney of Riley County KS Bethany Fields.
  3. Attorney Ad Litem Lora Ingles of the Oleen law firm in Manhattan Ks.

The purpose of this information is to hold public officials and those involved in State Sponsored Child Trafficking accountable to their neighbors and peers. This information is not being sought for any criminal purposes. We are requesting any information or photos concerning these individuals be emailed to:


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Veteran Whose Children Were Unlawfully Seized By State Of Kansas To Begin Hunger Strike June 27th in front of White House.

LOVELAND, CO: Raymond Schwab, an honorably discharged navy Veteran whose hunger strike on the Kansas Capitol last year brought his family’s story into the national spotlight, will begin another indefinite hunger strike if his children are not returned by the next court hearing for this family on June 20th.

This action was precipitated on the denial of the Interstate Compact For the Placement of Children request by Colorado DCF without the State of Colorado even contacting or interviewing the Schwab’s in violation of ICPC protocol. Mr. Schwab insists this is clear evidence of collusion, and national patterns of behavior from State DCF agencies who Mr. Schwab claims are engaged in State Sponsored Child Trafficking.

While the nation has become more aware of illegal child trafficking and human trafficking, many are in the dark concerning the Department of Children and Family services, formerly known as Child Protective Services, systematic deprivation of civil rights on parents who unfortunately end up being targeted by DCF. Through collusion with attorney’s, the Court, private services providers, and private foster care agencies and others; State DCF agencies and courts seize children under fraudulent circumstances, gag parents for speaking publicly, deny parents equal protection under law and due process, manufacture evidence, commit perjury and then adopt children out to strangers all for Federal Incentives under Hillary Clinton’s 1997 Safe Child and Adoption act.

Recently the 9th Circuit Appeals Court actually had to RULE that it is unconstitutional and illegal for social workers to lie on the stand to remove children. Below is a video of a DCF representative trying to argue its not unconstitutional to lie to steal kids.

The fact that one of the most liberal appeal’s court on the circuit had to determine it is wrong, and unconstitutional, for social workers to lie to steal children demonstrates how epidemic this problem is. Mr. and Mrs. Schwab feel they have exhausted every remedy in the courts and now must appeal to the conscience of the nation, and it’s new president Donald Trump to put an end to State DCF agents from trafficking Children for federal incentives.

On their event announcement posted on FB Mr. Schwab quotes the promises made by President Trump in his inaugural speech.

The event can be found HERE

“For too long, a small group in our nation’s Capital has reaped the rewards of government while the people have borne the cost.

Washington flourished – but the people did not share in its wealth.

Politicians prospered – but the jobs left, and the factories closed.

The establishment protected itself, but not the citizens of our country.

Their victories have not been your victories; their triumphs have not been your triumphs; and while they celebrated in our nation’s Capital, there was little to celebrate for struggling families all across our land.

That all changes – starting right here, and right now, because this moment is your moment: it belongs to you.

It belongs to everyone gathered here today and everyone watching all across America.

This is your day. This is your celebration.

And this, the United States of America, is your country.

What truly matters is not which party controls our government, but whether our government is controlled by the people.

January 20th 2017, will be remembered as the day the people became the rulers of this nation again.

The forgotten men and women of our country will be forgotten no longer.

Everyone is listening to you now.”

Will you listen to the Schwab’s and thousands of families that have been shattered by State Agencies trafficking Children Mr. Trump?

Mr. Schwab states the following;

“The last thing I want to do is endure, and subject ,my friends and family to another hunger strike. I want equal protection under law, my Constitutional rights protected as all these elected officials swore to do, the right to privacy and due process. I want my children back. We have complied with every unjust and unconstitutional demand from Kansas DCF and again they demonstrate they will manipulate any legal process, go to any lengths, threaten any person, cover up any evidence in order to retaliate against us and steal our kids.

I am an honorably discharged, disabled veteran who worked for the Department of veteran affairs serving this nations veterans when my children were stolen under false pretenses by Riley County and Kansas DCF. In every way they have violated every Statue, law and policy dictating what the boundaries of their power are because they have the luxury of hiding under Juvenile Court Privacy laws and many citizens are unaware of their nefarious behavior because they systematically gag and threaten parents who speak publicly agains them…like Daria Vredenburg. Yet Trump promises the average citizen will not be ignored. We will see. I will not stop until he listens and intervenes”

Daria Vredenburg’s video and stories:

Daria Gagged from Social Media

Daria Gagged from speaking to anyone but the kidnappers.

Link to Medical Kidnap Coverage of Schwab’s hunger Strike on Kansas Capitol.

Mr Schwab states this hunger strike is not for his family alone, but in solidarity to every family victimized by the out of control Family Law System.

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Teen Mom, Daria Vredenburg, threatened again, ordered to go to DCF’s chosen provider for third mental health evaluation


WICHITA, KS: According to a source in the Sedgwick County Courthouse,in a stunning abuse of power Judge Eric Williams Of the 18th District Court Division , threatened teen mom Daria Vredenburg that she better not speak to any one not involved in the case. Many weeks ago Judge Williams issued and unlawful and unconstitutional order banning Daria from speaking on social media or any public site about her case. Now that many advocates have rushed to her assistance she has been unlawfully ordered to “Keep her mouth shut”. Furthermore this young mother was ordered to do a THIRD mental health evaluation, with the provider being selected by DCF and St Francis Community Services in a blatant attempt at Forum Shopping for DCF to get the negative health evaluation they want to justify kidnapping Daria’s baby.

And this isn’t the behavior of criminals…how?

Guardian Ad Litem, Mike Lazzo of the Lazzo law firm in Wichita Ks, who has spearheaded some of the threats against Daria, claimed in documentation give to Free Our Children, he will prove she is unfit as a mother is she can’t stop posting of his unconstitutional behaviors on FB, stated he was angry because his office received calls and “Threats” concerning his behavior in this case.

Yet, this is all in the “best interest of Maddox Vredenburg”.

This behavior by Kansas DCF is not an anomaly. Due to the fact that TWO psych evals stated Daria was a fit mother judge Williams and Kansas DCF, desperate to prove their criminal behavior is justified, ordered that Daria take a third mental health evaluation and DCF gets to pick the provider. This assures St Francis Community Services and Kansas DCF can find a biased provider to give them the result they need to justify the seizure of Maddox.


Former Kansas Gubernatorial Candidate Jennifer Winn stated in a phone call with Free Our Children that this behavior is common with Kansas DCF and she has every intention of supporting Daria by initiating a series of protest against Judge Williams and Lazzo. Ms. Winn, a longtime activist for family rights, clearly believes this is not only an abuse of power, but victimization of a young teen who just wants the right to be a mother without government interference.


To get more information or express you displeasure there are a number lawful actions one can take. First, people can call into the Sedgwick County Court and Mike Lazzo to express their displeasure. Furthermore Free Our Children encourages people to find attorney review sites for the Lazzo Law Office and post reviews and links to the articles about Daria to let the public know of his participation in the silencing and abuse of a young mother fighting for her baby.

(UPDATE) Apparently Michael Lazzo has change the number to his law office. Free Our Children encourages people post their views on this man’s activities in every law firm review which carrie this name. He can change his number, but lets not let him hide his reputation.

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Court Support: Teen Mom, Daria Vredenburg, Forced to Undergo 3 Psychological Evaluations

WICHITA, KS: Teen mom, Daria Vredenburg, is being attacked by St Francis Community Services and Kansas DCF again according to a source close to the case. Daria, whose video plea for help went viral after Kansas DCF ripped her baby from her arms, is now being forced to undergo multiple psychological evaluations because case workers are not satisfied with the outcome of the reports.

Here is the video she put out last month.



Not only has this teen mother had her child #taken, she has been threatened with jail if she speaks publically about the case.  Recently, Free Our Children has been informed that Daria was forced to undergo two psychological  evaluations and now the State is demanding she take another because they did not get the result they wanted.

Kansas DCF and its private contractors like KVC and St Francis are notorious for manipulating the legal system and work in conjunction with State Funded service providers to disadvantage families who have had their children unjustly ripped away. DCF, as a whole, will pit family members against each other, force husbands and wives to divorce or separate, and do all they can to place hardship and undue burdens on families to set them up for failure. The longer children are in their custody, the more federal monies pour into the Kansas budget thats broken due to Governor Brownback’s poor economic management and budget.

Daria’s next hearing is Friday May 5th at 8:30 am, Juvenile Courthouse, Wichita Kansas and she is requesting court support. Please stand with this teen mother against the manipulations and assaults of a State Agency that is out of control, and has no hesitation to abuse the legal system, lie, threaten parents to silence, use manufactured evidence and testimony while their coffers are being filled with Federal Incentive monies in the State Sponsored Trafficking of Children under the Color of Law in the State of Kansas.







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Kansas DCF claims Schwab’s must move back to Kansas to get children back.

In December of 2016 Judge Bosch in the Riley County Court ordered the Schwab children returned after the completion of an Interstate Compact For the Placement of Children home study. Due to the stalling of Kansas DCF Mr. Schwab, on May 2nd, filed a motion to hold DCF in contempt for refusing to expedite the ICPC request.

Four hours after filing the affidavit to hold DCF in contempt, Kansas DCF claimed that the Schwab’s petition for an ICPC was denied…coincidence? We think not.



As noticed by the email, no reasons are given, no means of appealing the decision are provided. The Schwab’s were never contacted by Colorado DCF, nor was the home study for the ICPC ever completed.

Is Kansas DCF lying? Are they working in conjunction with Colorado DCF to deprive the Schwab’s of equal protection under law?

So now Kansas will demand the Schwab’s to leave their home, livelyhood, and family for no other reason than they desire to retaliate against those who expose their State Sponsored Child Trafficking.

Mr. Schwab is contemplating beginning a new hunger strike before the June 20th court date.deeperroots


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Angry Parent’s Protest Kansas DCF

Photo: Meko haze, of The Daily Haze live streaming Jennifer Winn at second annual “Fools no More” rally in front of Kansas DCF. (Photo by Tyler Schwab)


WICHITA, KS: After a scathing legislative audit declared Kansas DCF unsafe for foster kids, and DCF Secretary Phyllis Gilmore requested to lower the already minimal standards for social workers, angry parents led by former Kansas  Gubernatorial Candidate Jennifer Winn demonstrated outside the Wichita DCF office to protest what she called “State Sponsored Child Trafficking” or Kansas “Kids for Cash”.




Joined by former Congressional Candidate James Thompson Winn and other activist promoted reforming a chikd

protection system which lacks oversight, participates in systematic deprecation of due process against parents, and utilizes gag orders, threats, and manufactured testimony and evidence to seize children for Federal Incentives under Title IVe of the Social Security Act.

Below is a video highlighting the event.

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