Teen Mom Threatened..Jail if she speaks publicly again.



Recently Free Our Children encouraged a young, teen mother to do a video about the unlawful seizure of her baby who was literally ripped from her arms by the Wichita Police Dept. The video Speaks for itself…


So Attorney Ad Litem Michael Lazzo at 316-265-4411

And Assistant District Attorney Tricia Knoll at 316-660-3600

These individuals have both notified Daria that if she even posts a picture in public they will move to hold her in contempt of Court for exposing their support of State Sponsored Child Trafficking. WE need to be a voice for the voiceless. Free our children has advised Daria to remain silent as we spread her case, spread her voice.


St Francis Community Services in Salina Kansas has told Daria that she would be able to get unsupervised visits with her son if she passed a home inspection. yet, after passing they refuse to do so because they have no interest in getting her child back to her. Please help us in calling these agencies and people and let them know we refuse to allow this behavior from taxpayer funded services.


Let them know we will be the voice for Daria.


Call and tell them to give “Bug” back to Daria Vredenburg.

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#freesarahblevins Mom Jailed For Talking About DCF Case on FB





Guilford Co North Carolina-  A North Carolina Mom has been jailed for 30 days on a contempt of court charge for speaking about the unlawful DCF seizure of her children on Facebook. It is common practice in DCF cases for the Courts to threaten parent’s that if they speak publicly about the injustices occurring to them they will be jailed.

Free Our Children is issuing a call to action for people to call the DA, Court and DCF to demand Sarah Blevins be released!

Below is a video of me calling the Court. I used her Maiden name Sarah Carter. her legal name is Sarah Blevins.

We will be calling the numbers below EVERY WORK DAY until Sarah is released.

Call and let them know as American Citizens you are outraged, will be sharing Sarah’s story everywhere, what State you are from, and that they let SARAH BLEVINS FREE!!

Judge Angela Foster: Clerk is Doretta, 336-412-7801

Guilford County Attorney: 336-412-7600

DCF, ask for public releations department: 336-641-3000

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Christian Condemnation. How the evangelical church fails children and families.

IMG_0272  So recently a Southern Baptist Pastor in Junction City Ks sent my wife and I this troubling email after I shared with him the speech at the Nancy Schaeffer Memorial. Not only is his opinion replete with error about our life (I have no idea what he is talking about concerning my wife), but his response is not in line with the heart and life of Jesus.


I responded the way that I did because 1 Timothy 5:8 says, “But if anyone does not provide for his relatives, and especially for members of his household, he has denied the faith, and is worse than an unbeliever.”

Your children were not kidnapped by child traffickers. They were neglected by drug addicted parents who constantly fought with one another and they were confiscated by the state. I’m sure it has been no picnic for them and I’m sure terrible things have happened to them. It would not have happened if their father had been obedient to the Lord. Even now, you refuse to acknowledge your sin and you are blaming the state. There was another occasion I spoke with you, you blamed your wife.

Furthermore, you have eschewed the true gospel and traded it for a social gospel, which is no gospel at all. Not one person in the history of the world was ever saved by one good deed (Ephesians 2:8). Man is incapable of good works (Psalm 14:3, Romans 3:12). We are saved by the declaration of the gospel and no other way (Romans 10:17, 1 Peter 1:23, James 1:18). The word gospel means “good news.” It cannot be done, it must be spoken. The works we then do, once we’ve been transformed by Christ, affirm the truth we believe.

But you have not been obedient and your actions do not justify your behavior. They are merely a smokescreen for the sins you refuse to admit. What you call fighting for the poor, widows, orphans, and oppressed means absolutely nothing because you could not care for your own wife and children. I say this to you as an urgent warning that if you do not repent and return to the gospel you once heard, it will destroy you. Not everyone who says “Lord, Lord” will enter the kingdom of Heaven, but only those who did the will of the Father (Matthew 7:21).

It is out of compassion, not a quarrelsome heart, that I appeal to you. Cry out to Jesus, and you will be saved. Be wretched and mourn and weep. Turn from your sin and fight for your family — not against the state but against the old man Adam that has corrupted your flesh.

-pastor Gabriel-


So this Pastor recognizes there is serious problems with DCF, but claims We shouldn’t expose it, and furthermore believes that parents who have children victimized by DCF are to blame cause they are not “Obedient enough” to his understanding of the gospel.  This is outrageous. How many families are attacked by those professing to serve the God of love? When the church should be standing in between the child traffickers and the parents, like former Gubernatorial Candidate Jennifer Winn and her dream team, instead they have a tendency to attack the victims.

God is love,

“The one who does not love does not know God, because God is love.” 1 John 4:8

And it is the goodness of God that leads people to change their lives, which we shouldn’t ignore,

“Or despisest thou the riches of his goodness and forbearance and longsuffering; not knowing that the goodness of God leadeth thee to repentance?” Romans 2:4

It is the nature of the church to expose evil works,

“Have no part in the unfruitful works of darkness, but instead expose them.” Ephesians 5:11

I sent Pastor Gabe a story from the ancient church which demonstrated how a true Shepherd of Christ should approach those overcome by sin. I will reprint it here so you may see how those who truly serve the God of love should pursue the heart of those captured by the deceitfulness of sin. It’s a story about John the Apostle.

Taken from the writings of Eusebius.
“And that you may be still more confident, that repenting thus truly there remains for you a sure hope of salvation, listen to a tale, which is not a tale but a narrative, handed down and committed to the custody of memory, about the Apostle John. For when, on the tyrant’s death, John returned to Ephesus from the isle of Patmos, he went away, being invited, to the contiguous territories of the nations, here to appoint bishops, there to set in order whole Churches, there to ordain such as were marked out by the Spirit.
“Having come to one of the cities not far off (the name of which some give ), and having put the brethren to rest in other matters, at last, looking to the bishop appointed, and seeing a youth, powerful in body, comely in appearance, and ardent, said, This (youth) I commit to you in all earnestness, in the presence of the Church, and with Christ as witness. And on his accepting and promising all, he gave the same injunction and testimony. And he set out for Ephesus. And the presbyter taking home the youth committed to him, reared, kept, cherished, and finally baptized him. After this he relaxed his stricter care and guardianship, under the idea that the seal of the Lord he had set on him was a complete protection to him. But on his obtaining premature freedom, some youths of his age, idle, dissolute, and adepts in evil courses, corrupt him. First they entice him by many costly entertainments; then afterwards by night issuing forth for highway robbery, they take him along with them. Then they dared to execute together something greater. And he by degrees got accustomed; and from greatness of nature, when he had gone aside from the right path, and like a hard-mouthed and powerful horse, had taken the bit between his teeth, rushed with all the more force down into the depths. And having entirely despaired of salvation in God, he no longer meditated what was insignificant, but having perpetrated some great exploit, now that he was once lost, he made up his mind to a like fate with the rest. Taking them and forming a band of robbers, he was the prompt captain of the bandits, the fiercest, the bloodiest, the cruelest.
“Time passed, and some necessity having emerged, they send again for John. He, when he had settled the other matters on account of which he came, said, Come now, O bishop, restore to us the deposit which I and the Saviour committed to you in the face of the Church over which you preside, as witness. The other was at first confounded, thinking that it was a false charge about money which he did not get; and he could neither believe the allegation regarding what he had not, nor disbelieve John. But when he said I demand the young man, and the soul of the brother, the old man, groaning deeply, and bursting into tears, said, He is dead. How and what kind of death? He is dead, he said, to God. For he turned wicked and abandoned, and at last a robber; and now he has taken possession of the mountain in front of the church, along with a band like him. Rending, therefore, his clothes, and striking his head with great lamentation, the apostle said, It was a fine guard of a brother’s soul I left! But let a horse be brought me, and let some one be my guide on the way. He rode away, just as he was, straight from the church. On coming to the place, he is arrested by the robbers’ outpost; neither fleeing nor entreating, but crying, It was for this I came. Lead me to your captain; who meanwhile was waiting, all armed as he was. But when he recognized John as he advanced, he turned, ashamed, to flight. The other followed with all his might, forgetting his age, crying, Why, my son, do you flee from me, your father, unarmed, old? Son, pity me. Fear not; you have still hope of life. I will give account to Christ for you. If need be, I will willingly endure your death, as the Lord did death for us. For you I will surrender my life. Stand, believe; Christ has sent me.
“And he, when he heard, first stood, looking down; then threw down his arms, then trembled and wept bitterly. And on the old man approaching, he embraced him, speaking for himself with lamentations as he could, and baptized a second time with tears, concealing only his right hand. The other pledging, and assuring him on oath that he would find forgiveness for himself from the Saviour, beseeching and falling on his knees, and kissing his right hand itself, as now purified by repentance, led him back to the church.
“Then by supplicating with copious prayers, and striving along with him in continual fastings, and subduing his mind by various utterances of words, did not depart, as they say, till he restored him to the Church, presenting in him a great example of true repentance and a great token of regeneration, a trophy of the resurrection for which we hope; when at the end of the world, the angels, radiant with joy, hymning and opening the heavens, shall receive into the celestial abodes those who truly repent; and before all, the Saviour Himself goes to meet them, welcoming them; holding forth the shadowless, ceaseless light; conducting them, to the Father’s bosom, to eternal life, to the kingdom of heaven.

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Foster Children Zip Tied, Mouth’s Taped Shut over 300 times.

Loveland, Colorado- There has yet to be a study conducted where the welfare of children in Foster Care has been proven to be better. As a matter of fact, studies have shown that Foster Children suffer worse trauma and a higher chance of being abused, than even in homes where abuse is alleged to occur. The National Institute of Health  (Click in Link) released a troubling report that acknowledges MANY children in foster care continue to receive abuse after removed from the home. Being that many of those children are removed illegally, and through fraud this means our State Child Protection agencies are setting these kids up for abuse, force medication, psychiatric problems, homelessness, prison and even death.

Recently in Roy, Utah foster parents were arrested after it was found they had bound with zip ties, and duct taped the mouth’s shut of their foster children over 300 times. When Foster Care becomes an industry that supports the State Sponsored Trafficking of children, this is the result you get.

Free our children recently discovered a case in Kansas where the foster child had been missing for over TEN YEARS! Were the foster parents arrested for murder? Absolutely not! They were, however, convicted of continuing to receive the adoption incentive even though the child was missing. The child has never been found. Would this fly if it was the natural parents who had a missing child for ten years? Would the police and FBI ignore the fact that this child has vanished? Of course not.

Recently, in response to the scathing results of a Kansas DCF Audit, DCF Secretary Phyllis Gilmore responded Kansas DCF is one of the safest in the nation. Coming from the Secretary of a system where children are disappearing without a trace, social workers are suing DCF for being forced to falsify reports to remove children and calling for reform, and Kansas DCF is covering up the murder of children in their care this disconnect from reality by Secretary Gilmore should cause alarm to everyone.

And lets not forget the Kansas Private Foster Care provider, St Francis Community Services, whose workers have been accused of coercing a single mom to have sex with them to get their children back, and a worker actually having sex with children in their care. This is safe child protection in Kansas.



Phyllis Gilmore and DCF Director Kim Yoxell (Both who are involved in the Schwab Case)

Phyllis Gilmore should resign and these ever growing revelations of actual abuse and coverups of ACTUAL child abuse in this system should lead to more than just audits. Kansas DCF, in conjunction with agencies across the nation are trafficking and abusing kids. When will America step up and hold them accountable?


From Fox News

ROY, Utah — A man and woman were booked into jail on suspicion of child abuse on Friday, and four children have been taken into state custody.

Matthew Waldmiller and his wife Diane Waldmiller were booked into Weber County jail on felony child abuse charges after an investigation regarding their foster children, Roy police said.

Full Story Here


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Only 4% of Kansas DCF Removals are the result of substantiated abuse.

Loveland, Colorado-  Let’s do the math here. If 6300 children are in DCF custody in the State of Kansas, and only 4% of those removals come with a substantiated finding of neglect or abuse from the subsequent investigation, how many children are in custody without the parents being substantiated for abuse or neglect? 6048. theresa freedTheresa Freed (Dcf Public affairs)

While Raymond Schwab was on his hunger strike Theresa Freed, Communications Director for DCF and propaganda mouthpiece, boasted that only four percent of children are removed because of substantiated findings of abuse or neglect.  So how does DCF get away with it?  Kansas DCF, in conjunction with the Juvenile Court system, often bullies parents into signing legal documents, workers or contractors Like St Francis commit perjury on the stand, and workers force parents, through threats and false promises, to sign away their rights or “Never see their children again”. They intentionally withhold the findings of their investigations until after the adjudication hearing so the judges can make a finding contrary to the actual investigation.

For instance, the Schwab’s adjudication hearing was on July 15th, 2015, the same date that DCF mailed the result’s of their investigation to the Schwab’s thereby nullifying those results by allowing the adjudication hearing (Where heresay testimony from former  RCPD Officer Carla Swartz was the entire state case…no OTHER EVIDENCE) to go forward. If the report was released before the hearing DCF would have been required to give the children back.


When Mr. Schwab spoke to Kendra Baker, Former Foster Parent and Youth Ombudsman of Kansas DCF, concerning the findings, and demanded his children back Ms. Baker asserted the investigation meant nothing except the Schwab’s would not be placed on a child abuse registry.

You read that correct. Though the Schwab’s are not registered child abusers, because the investigation resulted in an unsubstantiated finding, DCF has had their children for almost two years. This is the criminal behavior of Kansas DCF. To quote the Topeka Capitol Journal,

“In April 2015, five of Schwab’s children were removed from his care. DCF concluded in July that abuse allegations against Schwab and his wife, Amelia, were unsubstantiated, but the children haven’t been returned.

Determining whether an allegation is true is separate from a recommendation to remove children from the home, said Theresa Freed, communications director for DCF. Though an unsubstantiated finding that doesn’t lead to a parent getting their child back may be confusing, Freed said, substantiated findings account for only 4 percent of the removals the agency handles.”

Does anyone one else have a problem with this?

From: The Topeka Capitol Journal:

The Kansas Department for Children and Families on Tuesday countered a man’s allegations that his children haven’t been returned to his care because he has used medical marijuana by stating his accusations are false.

Raymond Schwab began a hunger strike Monday in response to news that his son, who is under DCF care, is being sent to a psychiatric residential treatment facility.

“Although we are bound by confidentiality requirements and prohibited from discussing the specifics of the case, to protect the privacy of his children, we can say Mr. Schwab’s accusations are false,” the statement released by DCF said. “He is providing the public with an incomplete and inaccurate account of the events that have transpired.”

Full Story Here

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DCF Protest. April 8. Wichita Kansas DCF


Saturday April 8th, 2017 Former Kansas Gubernatorial Candidate Jennifer Winn will be hosting the Second Annual “Fools No More” rally in Wichita, Ks.

Location: Wichita KS DCF Office 2601 S. Oliver

Guest Speakers Include:

Jennifer Winn.


Keynote Speaker: U.S. Congressional Candidate James Thompson


Many people ask us how they can help in the fight against State Sponsored Child Trafficking. One way is to get out and get visible. Join us April 8th in this public action to tell Kansas DCF and the NATION that we will be FOOLS NO MORE concerning State Sponsored Child Trafficking!

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Kansas DCF secrecy…a danger to Children?



Last year, in conjunction with the Daily Haze, Free our Children released documents pertaining to the murder of a Child whom DCF failed to remove from an abusive home. You can review that story HERE (Click on Link).

Recently, the Kansas City Star released a stunning report concerning the death, and cover-up of another child which had died as the result of DCF negligence. Rather than come clean Phyllis Gilmore, and her agency tried to deceive the media, release only documents which painted them in a good light, and refused to allow themselves to be examined as to how they were complying with the law.

We believe that much of this neglect is planned neglect. Kids in abusive homes tend to have psychological disorders, PTSD and are difficult in placement thereby costing DCF money when they (DCF) have a tendency to go for the maximizing of Federal incentives, and the trafficking of adoptable kids.

This is another tragic story in the awful saga of “Child Protection” under Governor Sam Brownback and Kansas DCF Director Phyllis Gilmore.


From: The Kansas City Star

COFFEYVILLE, KAN- Sometimes Larry Crosetto puts on old home movies or thumbs through family photos to go back in time.

He sees granddaughter Brooklyn — Brook — sitting with her mama, playing in the bathtub or pushing her new toy vacuum. Before long, the lingering emotional pain creeps in, and Crosetto sees something else: a child lost to a Kansas child welfare system that he views as broken and with no accountability.

“I sat there the other day and thought, ‘Is this just going to die?’ ” said Crosetto, who after Brook’s death spoke out against the system that he says failed to protect her. “Does no one care about these children?”

Read more here: http://www.kansascity.com/news/politics-government/article128058569.html#storylink=cpy







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DCF Removes Child,Child Murdered,Parents Arrested.

Over the past year, my inboxes constantly fill with horrifying stories of DCF abuse, abuse of power, and failures. Its staggering really. This one from Florida really boggles the mind though.

As I stated in my recent speech for the Nancy Schaffer Memorial, statistics demonstrates children are in a higher risk of abuse when removed from homes, even where abuse allegations have been lodged. Here, these parents clearly realized they were unsafe for the baby and relinquished the child to DCF. DCF then places the baby with a Foster Parent who subsequently kills the baby. Six months after the child is removed, and subsequently murdered, the parents are then arrested for child abuse. Why not the workers who placed the child in an unsafe environment? Because DCF gets away with negligence and crimes. This is insanity.

From the Tampa Bay Times

TAMPA — On the day two child welfare investigators turned up unannounced at the home of little Aedyn Agminalis, a machete, a hookah, a sex toy and a liquor bottle were lying on the living room floor.

Four more sex toys and a used condom sat on a chair. In the bedroom where the toddler slept, fecal matter was smeared on the walls, the carpet, the crib and his blanket.

His parents kept a cat litter tray in his room. It had not been cleaned for several days.

The “deplorable” conditions found at the Brandon apartment in September were revealed in a report recently released by the Florida Department of Children and Families. They resulted in the boy going into foster care. Three months later and just weeks from a likely adoption, the 17-month-old died after suffering head trauma. Foster mom Latamara Stackhouse Flythe was arrested Feb. 20 on charges of first-degree murder and child abuse.

Full Story Here

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A Father’s Plea

March 26th, 2017, in front of the U.S. Capitol Mr. Raymond-Seraphim Schwab gave a plea to remember murdered Senator Nancy Schaeffer by fighting against State Sponsored Child Trafficking.


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Beautiful Flowers: Our Journey.

This morning I witnessed a little girl walking with her mother and she briefly paused, with a childlike look of awe and wonder and exclaimed, “Look mommy at the flowers.” Before her was something that many of us pass daily, in our rush and daily struggle, without that same awe and wonder striking us about God’s creation anymore. It wasn’t anything fancy, just a planter in front of an IHOP, but it had captured that little girls fascination. I choked back tears and walked into our motel.

My daughter, Elianah, was the last of 7 children between my wife and I. Our oldest son, Tyeler, was born when my wife was only seventeen. Due to medical complications Amelia’s heart swelled up and she was in congestive heart failure. Tyler was cut out of her womb, with only a local anesthesia, because she was dying. Tyeler Scott was born into the world two month’s early. Back in those days, he had a slimmer chance of survival than today…but they both survived.

You would think that after the first go around Amelia would have sworn off pregnancies, but one thing I can testify to of my wife is she loves children, everybody’s children. Before our two universes merged she had two more babies. Unfortunately due to her own abuses, at the hands of people that had been entrusted to protect her, she struggled from an illness. In a given year, this illness affects 5 plus million American’s a year.  It is known as PTSD. While Amelia and I were growing up this disorder was almost completely unknown,  unlike today. Many of us lived for decades, un-diagnosed, psychotropically medicated, and believing that there is something inherently wrong with us; living in guilt and shame. This led to Amelia being in abusive relationship’s which only aggravated her medical and mental conditions.

My wife and I grew up in the same, tiny Kansas town. We knew each other since earliest memories of adolescence.  Population 1200, at least in those days. Small enough we had to go to a county school. It was a big class if they managed to graduate thirty seniors. Most of the town and my teachers would have classified me as a troubled child. Due to my own family dynamic, and way to much energy, I bounced into a lot of trouble. Eventually, this led to me being placed into the Kansas foster care system. In the eighties, before they were sued by the ACLU, Kansas DCF was called the SRS. Many former foster care kids can testify to the horror of Foster Care. It was continual abuse until the age of 18 when I was no longer a money maker. This was before they kept kids until they were 21 to maximize funding. At 18 I was released to go be a productive citizen; after being traumatized by this system.

Just to give you an idea of this journey;  from 14-18 years old, I spent most of my time locked up. Offended at the gall of any government authority believing it could strip me from my home and family, I ran away from every placement they put me. Without ever even being charged with a crime, I was placed in Maximum Security juvenile lock ups. For daring to resist the authorities, I was cycled all over the state of Kansas to detention facilities in Hutchinson, Wichita, Topeka and others. I remember one such place in Topeka where a fellow incarcerated juvenile was a child that was so angry he murdered his sister by shooting her 24 times. He reloaded twice. When I asked him the reason for the murder he numbly said, “She pissed me off”. What was I doing there, I was not a criminal?

While Amelia was dropping out of school and having babies…seeking love in all the wrong places;  I was learning the art of living on the street or in lockup, as a child. Kansas DCF taught me to steal, do drugs, sell drugs, escape from locked facilities, have sex, drink myself into oblivion, and fight. My first friend died when I was 14. There were about 30 more to follow over the years.  I received my first tattoo at the age of fifteen and ran with gangs. At sixteen I was falsely accused of a crime. Some people came after me because of the accusations, onto my parents property, and I pulled a gun on them. The Riley County Police temporarily held me in an old, large storage room waiting for DCF to show up. They never did.

For weeks I stayed, with only a notepad and pens, locked in a closet until one day I heard arguing outside the door about being sued. DCF thought I had been released to my parents. My parents had thought I was shuffled to another placement. Suffering almost a month of solitary confinement as a child without even being charged with a crime, I was moved to a foster home. The gun incident was classified as self-defense because the individuals were claiming they were going to kill me. As my son Caleb said about his forced incarceration in a Kansas institution by DCF, I was in a living hell. DCF non stop tried to force medicate me to deal with my “Behavioral Problems”.

My final 9 months of underage life was spent at the Youth Center at Larned (YCAL) for running away. It was a high school graduation behind bars. Again, I was not in there for any crime I was charged with or convicted of. I was placed with gang bangers during the time when the mid-west had exploded in street gang violence. During those months I was assaulted or got into fights over thirty times. One such incident an individual sucker-punched me in the temple so hard I believe it gave me a concussion. I spent 48 hours in the hole, in pain, and sitting in a blanket covered with my vomit. Sometime during those hours I believe I had a seizure. I remember being alone and crying, the stench of vomit in my nostrils and pain pounding through my head. When all of a sudden I was enveloped in the most amazing, brilliant light and felt peace fill me like a cup. I don’t know what happened, but that moment began my search for spiritual significance as the event faded. The pain, crying and isolation set back in.

Between Tyeler and Deven, Amelia had a daughter, Madison. She was pressured by unhealthy people in her life, to abort the pregnancy. She fled into hiding and adopted her out through a Christian Adoption Agency. Amelia believed she was protecting her daughter and trying to give her a better life than herself because at this time in her life she was living in her car or crashing here and there. Even though the adoption was open, Amelia struggled so hard in her personal life. She was not able to maintain contact as she has only met Madison once during the entire time we have been married. It is something still very painful and hard for her to share about.

Fast forward to 2001. I was 28, and after a stint in the military I was again victimized by people in positions of power and authority. It led to my discharge, a year long drug binge, and a prison sentence. After my parole Amelia and I crossed paths once again. Drowning my recent bouts of nightmares in alcohol at a bar in our small town which I had recently moved back to; I noticed her from across the room. She professed that when we were growing up, she had always had a crush on me. Her aunt had been my neighbor and we played almost daily.  We started dating after that fateful night in the bar. She got pregnant and we got married. Not many people thought it was a good idea. Though we were two raw nerves of pain walking around the world, somehow we connected on a level that neither of us could break free of the other; no matter how hard our marriage became. Sometimes it seemed like we were two drowning people who couldn’t swim trying to cling to the other for support. It led us to the church.

We both had become Christians and began our journey through an evangelical church system that didn’t know how to deal with our pain and instability. Neither of us knew how to have meaningful communication or relationships. When people asked how we met, we became embarrassed that our story was not storybook like we thought others were.  (Though my wife just tells people we grew up together; which is true and more romantic sounding.)   Both of us had our families constantly trying to get us to divorce.  So, instead we moved 600 miles away to Colorado where God began to change our lives. The journey was slow as we both remained un-diagnosed and untreated for a decade for our mental and health issues. Some churches worked with us, loved us, taught us what the roles as husband wife mom and dad, and prayed with us through the trials. We grew and healed alot during this period. We are still not perfect, but we have changed a great deal through the years.   We chose to surround ourselves with healthier people.

I honestly believe those years WERE very hard on my children. It breaks my heart because all I wanted was to be the dad and Father I never had. My wife wanted to be loved instead of used and abused. Neither of us knew what that looked like in a healthy way as we had few examples around us. The maxim held true “Hurt people, hurt people.” One thing we never did was accept our deficiencies. We constantly fought to improve our lives and our children lives. Nor did we abuse our children.

The wound of Madison, still lying in my wife’s heart was re aggravated every time we had another child. To Deven and Tyeler I became dad, it was a title I wore with honor. That  was never ever conferred upon my own step-father, who was an alcoholic abuser. I love Deven and Tye as my own because they are my own.  Each baby was a boy. My wife expressed to me in tears once she believed God was punishing her for giving up Madison. She loved her boys ferociously and they loved her. After a miscarriage in 2009, which broke her heart, we became pregnant again and I knew deep down it would be our last.

Amelia’s health was not the best, she had to have her gall bladder removed while pregnant, we became homeless because of my instability and addiction but received assistance from fellow Christians and got a home. She fought hard through the pregnancy, her health growing worse and worse until doctors demanded she start taking medical cannabis because she could not eat or maintain weight and her body was rebelling against her. Deep down inside she wanted a daughter, but also wanted to love this baby as much as the rest of her children.

On 10/20/2010 Elianah Schwab was born, our Beautiful flower.



Her name in Hebrew means “Gift of God”. Despite Amelia’s continued pain at not knowing where Madison is, even today, (and if you are reading this by the grace of God Madison your mother loves you very much), God began to heal her heart. Are we whole, no, but we are healing and Kansas once again is trying to push us into the grave.

My wife and I have not lived a fairy tale life. We have not created what we dreamed for our own children due to our own personal exodus out of child abuse. We tried to raise our children in the most protective way possible. My wife, though never graduating high school, educated herself to educate our children, so they could focus on learning and not go through the bullying we endured. Even DCF  worker’s love our children and say they are well liked and intelligent, but forget they were educated by my wife. She became a housewife, mother, friend of those suffering, and Christian. I went to school, graduated from a Christian University with a degree in Organizational Management and continued to graduate school for theology and counseling, eventually working with fellow Veterans at the Dept of Veteran Affairs. While we still cannot claim to be the parents of the year, one thing we can say is we did not do what our allegations allege. Kansas DCF has verified this in their own report which found those allegations to be unsubstantiated. Kansas cannot have our children.

There was a family dispute about us moving back to Colorado when this offense occured. Our children did not live in the county they were taken in from; they were taken there unlawfully. Riley County capitalized on a family in crisis knowing who we were. From that point we have discovered a vast network of State Sponsored Child Traffickers like Riley County all over this nation. Destroying Children and Families.

Barry Wilkerson said to me the day of our protest in Riley County, with contempt in his voice “I knew you as a child Raymond, sorry how your life turned out”. Well sir, my life turned out that way because of the child abuse your county and system put me through. But I have risen, my wife has risen, and you cannot do the same to our children. We will fight you with every grain of our being until the end of days.

wilkersonBarry Wilkerson Riley County Kansas DA

I wept this morning because the awe of a small child looking at a potted flower reminded me of a time sweet innocence pervaded my own life before it was snuffed out by the likes of Barry Wilkerson, Chief judge Wilson, and Kansas DCF. This out of control system thinks because it tried to lay my life waste it can now do it to my kids. I thought of my daughter and wife, in good days. When my wife would sing “My beautiful flower” holding Ellie’s hand and she would dance and spin, giggling and smiling. Caleb would hunt down every bug and snake in the bush. Asher would laugh and joke, fulfilling the meaning of his name: happy. Avraham would be diligently participating in some serious task or sport in his competitive nature. Tyeler and Dev would be learning how to do amazing feats of skateboarding prowess. You cannot have them Kansas! These children are ours!

family2DCF Visit with Schwab Children.


The world has a way of hardening and scarring our hearts, where we lose that childlike awe. Yet, we are all beautiful flowers.  My children have had a few petals broken. They have been abused in this system now also. My wife and I may have thick stems of thorns, but as they try to crush us the fragrant, pungent smell of life will overpower those who do service to death and destruction. By the grace of God Kansas DCF, you will give us our children and we will heal. We will dance and play with our children once again. I pray for  all of you who have been plucked and crushed by this child trafficking system, or the world in general, will bloom once again to be the beautiful flowers that we all are in the garden of creation.

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