Due to the fact their are many people, organizations and trolls who assist in State Sponsored Child Trafficking, take advantage of families in Crisis by charging them for services, or have an unknown track record we have to go through a serious vetting process to place your individual name or services on this list. In order to be listed as an advocate, or family advocate agency, therapist, etc we will need the following,

  1. If you are a licensed professional you will need to submit verification of your credentials/education. We would also prefer some references of families or parents whom have received your services and can give a good reference.
  2. If you are an individual we will require a number of references professionally, as well as families or parents you have assisted successfully.
  3. Any organization will be researched to make sure its not a honeypot or red herring organization seeking to sabotage the Family Rights Movement.

If there is contact information, or an agency/organization listed you can trust we have vetted the information and believe the individual/organization/professional to be truly fighting for the rights, health, and freedom of Families and Children.



(DCF CASES ONLY) Jennifer Winn and her Investigative Dream Team. Contact:

or FB: Jennifer Winn For Kansas (Click Link)